Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Orphan Puppy

Damn, “Orphan Black,” damn. I haven’t really been able to process this season past the “holy shit” and “noooo” of it all. But, you know, holy shit and nooooooo!

[Spoilers for the “Orphan Black” season finale, obviously]

So, yeah. I hate to say it but going into the season finale I was pretty sure either a) Shay, or b) Delphine would die. The cynical side of me would say it’s because there couldn’t possibly continue to be two strong, viable romantic interests for the lesbian character on television. The less cynical side of me says that under her breath, but also understands how story development works and saw either of them as the most likely “expendables” in the plot.

So while I wasn’t shocked, I am terribly saddened that Delphine had to get that gut shot. (Though, fingers crossed, we didn’t actually see the kill shot – I know, I know – let me dream.)

I can’t say I’m super excited about this new Neolution direction. But then I wasn’t super excited about the Castor clones direction either, and they turned out to be mostly harmless (well, not literally, but you know what I mean). It’s not that I think the concept of the Neolutionists is bad, it’s that whenever you get religious wingnuts (or whatever this brand of zealotry is) involved things can get, well, nuts.

But, anyway, back to Delphine. Oh, Ms. Dr. Cormier. How I will miss her. How much she loved Cosima. How well Evelyne Brochu played this whole season. That last scene when she tells Cosima goodbye? As the kids today say, ALL OF THE FEELS. They still say that, right?

It’s hard to imagine that all that crazy science and all that puppy love is really gone. But, damn, way to become the hero this show deserves.


culturedork said...

Ahem, that's *Doctor* Cormier.

I'm still gutted. Shay is so much Kennedy (BTVS) for me- right down to the more explicit love scenes. ::sigh:: She's not dead for me yet, and this season was amazing. I'm going to hold out hope for these writers.

egghead said...

This season flew by too fast. Dr. Cormier can't be dead. I want Cosima to have both.

Unknown said...

I just hope Delphine didn't deliver one of those worm-grub creatures into Cosima's mouth during that last kiss

Unknown said...

I just hope Delphine didn't deliver one of those worm-grub creatures into Cosima's mouth during that last kiss

Mara said...

Too soon. We're not talking about it yet. TOO SOON.

Anonymous said...

Shay may be expendable but no way in hell was Delphine expendable to the plot at all. I'm frankly pissed at how this played out. She was a hero a la batman the entire season getting no trust, the people she fought for fought against her at every turn, and her death had her cold, alone and resigned while Rudy the rapist got a mercy, favourable edit in death. Evelyne Brochu has had a similar play out, a truly remarkable actress from her previous film work, left with little to do until season three and even then it went largely unnoticed. Such a shame and I truly think they've lost one of the best characters on the show. She was more than just a love interest in the end, and to see her die as essentially one just going by what the writers have said makes me frankly depressed over the whole thing. I thought these writers knew better honestly.