Monday, June 22, 2015

Do Squeeze the Sharmen

Damn, it’s the start of another workweek. Damn, it’s the return of Sharmen. See, inflection makes all the difference. In case you missed it last week, Kate Moennig and Sarah Shahi reunited on the set of “Ray Donovan.” Sarah guests on the Showtime series as an “Armenian pop star,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Yeah, that’s still not gonna make me watch the show. But the mini “The L Word” reunion did make ne feel all nostalgic. And it no doubt swelled the heart of Sharmen lovers (hisss, Shenny lovers, hisssss) everywhere. Can you believe it has been almost 10 years since Shane left Carmen at the altar? Damn. Yeah, like I was saying, inflection.


Kaz said...

I never EVER like the character of Shane.

With Sarah getting back to work just 3 months after having twins gives me hope that she will be a regular again on Person of Interest. They are only getting 15 episodes this year so SHAW needs to be a part of all the episodes and reunite with ROOT.

Anonymous said...

While Shane was never my fav on L Word, I loved Sharmen. Will always think that Shahi is gorgeous.

Noida said...

I still can't believe Shane left Carmen. How could she?

azinthesun said...

Maybe you can do a review of "Proof" on TNT starring Jennifer Beals. Second episode is tomorrow night (June 23rd) @ 10pm.
You know, for old time's sake, for us L Worders . JB looks amazeballs for any age but especially cuz she's 51. She must've made a deal w/the devil. The third episode on June 30th is supposed to be really, really good. Pretty please, Ms. Snarker.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh Sharmen. So hot.
How could you leave her, Shane?

Dragonquillca said...

Yes, a review of "Proof" would be awesome! I'm trying to decide if I need to get hooked on another show, if it will be worth it because it has JB in it...or should I walk away and just go back to writing my novel?
Keep on doing what you do best, love the blog!