Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Readers Beneath My Wings

Hey, so I wrote another column for Women and Hollywood. This time it’s on “7 Queer Female Filmmakers to Watch in 2015.” Besides “Carol” and “Freeheld,” which both feature lesbian storylines, there are a bunch of talented out female directors helming projects being released this year. So go check it out, if you’d be so kind. Leave a comment if you like it and all that jazzercise.

Since this is apparently my music week, I’ll leave you with a song. I was gifted with some tickets to see The Divine Miss M this week. They came entirely out of the blue and were entirely enjoyable. If you have a chance to see Bette Midler live, do it. That broad knows how to put on a show. Great voice, great humor, great night. I mean, she came out like the witch from Hocus Pocus at one point. Full hair, teeth and bustle. Come on, how can you not like that?

And, of course, there was this. Yes, you’ve heard it a million times. But, it’s still a damn good song. Think of it as my thanks for clicking over to read my latest column. (Apologies for the shakey camera work of whoever shot that video – it’s the best I could find as I did not film because I’m a rule follower…sometimes.)

p.s. As a California, I actually saw Bette here in the Bay Area. But, I am sure, no matter the show, she put on a good one.


azinthesun said...

I was at that concert in Phoenix on May 24, 2015. Miss M was Divine. The show was so enjoyable. She will be 70 y.o. this December. Hard to believe, she looks great. Where do the years go???? Too bad we didn't know that each other was there.

Panty Buns said...

Who could help but love Bette Midler? I LOVE her voice and her songs, including (obviously) "Wind Beneath My Wings". I also love "In The Distance by her". I'm also cheered up reading your article at :) It looks like there is and will be more productions I'll enjoy watching and listening to.

Helena said...

Thank you for sharing Bette and this beautiful song and thanks for the article on indiewire about all the new exciting movies. Good that you are here to keep us informed :)