Friday, May 08, 2015

My Weekend Crush

Dammit, television. Why you gotta hurt a girl like this? So, “The Mindy Project” has been cancelled. Don’t ask me why because it was by far one of the best, pure sitcoms currently on TV. But to just call it a sitcom would be selling it short. In essence, each episode was a mini-romcom each week. But the good kind, not the bad kind you end up watching on a Sunday afternoon because nothing else is on and the remote control is too far away. That kind usually stars Katherine Heigl.

Series star and creator Mindy Kaling had concocted something that managed the seemingly impossible of being both frothy and pointed. For a show about a superficial person it was completely self aware in its self aggrandizing. And funny, damn was it funny. Fine, so I wasn’t necessarily in love with this season’s pregnancy storyline. But now it’s cancelled by Fox, and another really good show bites the dust. Sure, there’s some pretty serious talk of Hulu perhaps picking it up. Which would be great but, shit, I’d have to subscribe to yet another streaming service?

But regardless of how this all turns out, it’s network TV which is the biggest loser. Because it has lost another smart, diverse woman’s voice from primetime. And that is ultimately all of our loss. Dammit, television. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

And yet we get to watch Last man Standing...

Anonymous said...

I'm upset over Cristela being cancelled as well.

Panty Buns said...

A lot of television stations and cable companies could use major shakeups in their boards of directors. I listened to Ilene Chaiken talking at a Power-Up panel about how hard it was to get shows like The L Word picked up (I bought the 25 disc complete TheLWord series DVD set). There is a lot of good female talent out there and shows with excellent content which could have been, and should have been picked up or renewed, but haven't been. Instead we get fed a diet of anti civil liberties crap like 'Criminal Minds' on multiple channels renewed forever. And then they cancel shows like 'The Mindy Project'? I do hope it gets picked up by another station. The current male-dominated state of network TV SUCKS and makes me consider canceling my cable TV.
At least it's Spring and nice outside. Happy wishes for the rest of your Spring.

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