Friday, May 15, 2015

My Weekend Crush

Sometimes you get some news and you don’t know what to feel, but you know you feel it very intensely. Like earlier this week when news broke that they were going to remake “The Craft.” Yes, you read that right. A REMAKE OF THE CRAFT. At first I was very excited. And then I was very worried. And then I was excited/worried. And then worried/excited. And then most of my feelings rushed toward demanding that there be at the very least one gay witch.

Now, anyone who was old enough to see/sneak into an R-rated film in 1996 knows and loves “The Craft.” And those who were too young came to love it thanks to the wonders of basic cable. And us gay gals came to love it because Catholic schoolgirl uniforms and witchcraft.

They were basically the original “Mean Girls,” but with actual power instead of just sick burns. It was girl power with black lipstick, underdogs with unabashed attitude. Sure, there were also homicidal tendencies. But nobody is perfect. Plus, the lesbian undertones (overtones?) were kind of unmistakable. But then, I tend to think any movie about tight-knit female friendship is pretty gay. So there’s that.

Which brings me back to this remake news. So far at least it has a female writer and director (relative newcomer Leigh Janiak), which is more than the original had. But then remakes of cult films rarely are better – or even equal – to the originals. Think Gus Van Sant’s “Psycho” or Kimberly Peirce’s “Carrie.” (Though, man, do I have high hopes for “Mad Max: Fury Road.”)

But who knows, maybe “The Craft” in all its gothy glory, all its campy craziness could be the one. Maybe “The Craft” remake will actually be good. Maybe. Maybe not. But wouldn’t it be nice to believe in some magic, black or otherwise. Happy weekend, all.


cami said...

Did ya'll hear the NPR story on Mad Max. Charlize Theron (swoon) quote "I always had this little voice in my head of George going, 'well, now I'm going to show you a real woman.' When you come across that rare filmmaker that really wants to embrace that, it's really nice, and should there be more of that? Hell yeah."

Carmen SanDiego said...

unnecessary remake but I hope theres a gay witch. Have a great weekend DS

Danielle Warby said...

MAD MAX! Saw it, loved it. And I don't even really like action films. Can't explain it: barely any plot or dialogue but I was completely entranced.

Anonymous said...

Christ on a broomstick, how devoid of ideas is Hollywood?

This is WRONG.