Thursday, November 20, 2014

Good Cat

Isn’t it good when good projects go to good people? It’s just so…good. Out comic book artist Cat Staggs has been doing good work for a good long time now. Overuse of the word good? Shhhh, I’ve only just begun. She is currently an artist for DC Comics, and has created really good covers for everything from Smallville to Vampire Diaries and Star Wars titles. But now, in even more good news, she is doing to cover art for a new series of “Orphan Black” comics. Yes, ORPHAN BLACK COMICS.

She did all eight covers for Orphan Black Issue #1. Three of the eight have been released and, guys, they’re so good.

[Click to embiggen]

Speaking of good things, did you catch Cat and her wife Amanda Deibert in that Target ad? Ack, so much good it’s making my face hurt from the smiling.

Awwww. Good, right?

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Helena said...

Ms Snarker, sometimes good is really the only word you can use - for good people:-)