Thursday, November 13, 2014

Falling for the Girl

*Siren Blares* *Lights Flash* Sorry, I get a little excited sometimes when my gaydar gets pinged. Too much? NEVER ENOUGH. In the course of researching the new season of the BBC Two series “The Fall” (starting today in the UK, lucky UK), I came across the new character PC Hagstrom played by Irish actress Kelly Gough. I don’t want to tell you your business, but, yeah. Siren, lights, PING.

Now comes the disclaimer where I tell you I have absolutely no idea whether this new police constable character is a lesbian or now. But her folded arms, slicked hair, hands in belt, general aura all reads G-A-Y. My most sincere hope is that this new PC Hagstrom is a love interest for Niamh McGrady’s returning character PC Ferrington. Her adorable ginger constable needs some loving.

If you’re looking for a less flaily preview of the new season, please check out AfterEllen later today. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited. Not just because of femslash I’ve made up based on two promo photos, but also because this series is very good and very smart. Even though it’s about a man who kills women, it’s also about women navigating (and kicking ass) in a male-dominated world.

And there isn’t an actress working today who is aging more exquisitely than Gillian Anderson. I mean it, I think the aliens did take her because there’s no other reason she should be even more talented and more beautiful with each passing year.

p.s. I will be recapping this season of “The Fall” over at AfterEllen as well. Such hard work screencapping Gillian. Much toil.


orangeandblue said...

I haven't watched The Fall but have seen Gillian Anderson in NBC's axed Crisis. I admit I haven't seen her in anything since X Files. Only caught up early this year with her projects.

I do admire her not just because we share the same sign (we're born in the same month and year, only a couple days apart), or because the way she looks (gorgeous indeed), but also for her class, and for how beautifully she built her career.

Yet, if I may, there *is* one actress who is aging more exquisitely than Gillian Anderson. One you're a fan of yourself and wrote about many times (and maybe you'll write even more in the future): Jennifer Beals. :)

Helena said...

DS you got me excited about this series ,even if you added the disclaimer:-) And have to agree with the comment about Jennifer Beals.

Anonymous said...

You just made me re-subscribe to a vpn to see it. Well worth it!

Anonymous said...

It would be awesome if those two sexy women were gay :-) I doubt so but one can dream!