Monday, September 08, 2014

Vacation Vixen: Rizzles

I rather enjoyed this summer season. I mean, not the finale – which came with its now-requisite totally unsurprising cliffhanger wherein Jane risks her life to save someone else. (Must be Tuesday!) But I thought the crimes were (a tad) more interesting and the stories were (a tad) more believable. And, yes, there was the ever-present chemistry, which is and will always be why I watch. Yes, Jack is terrible and we are all very glad he has landed another TV show. (Nothing against Enver, but he has zero chemistry with Sasha. ZERO.) Now that my vacation is (almost) over I’ll have the very late Subtext Recap for the finale up today (or early tomorrow – depending how much work I get done on the plane) over at AfterEllen. Thanks for watching another season of the Gayzzoli with me. And thanks for being patient. Cheers, Rizzles Gals. See you again in February when Jane (gasp) survives.


Scamp said...

Dorothy, if it weren't for your recaps, I might abandon my Rizzles ship.

Carmen SanDiego said...

My DVR died and I lost the entire season of Rizzles and Rookie Blue. Serves me right for being behind..
Have a safe flight DS

Helena said...

Just a big thank you for the brilliant recaps. Hope you had a good vacation and safe journey home.

Anonymous said...

Late is quite alright, Loved the recap, and am going to love seeing your return to this particular set of recaps come february (so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away)

and some fan art (mine this time) cause you and i both know she was totally checking maura out in the "bugout shelter" (though i did not draw the shelter in this sketch... sigh :) )