Thursday, September 11, 2014

Coming up Rosie

I don’t watch “The View,” but I am certainly happy Rosie is coming back to “The View.” I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Ms. O’Donnell’s (mostly just the stupid, needless feuds and occasional insensitivity), but I have always appreciated her passion and also she was Doris Murphy, third base. But I think time has helped Rosie gain perspective and wisdom and should make for a very interesting View-ing. Plus, it never hurts to have another out gay woman front and center.

What I like about Rosie, particularly this Rosie who has returned from the edge of emotional daytime talk brinksmanship, is that she is unapologetically direct and unwaveringly honest. The lady speaks her mind – and her mind alone, not some rote points laid out for her by whatever agenda she supports – and there’s precious little of that enough as it is. In America, we love a good second act (though in Rosie’s case this might be third or fourth at this point). We can’t help ourselves, we cheer for the hard-earned comeback. So I hope Rosie brings it. Actually, I already know she will. Also, girl, looking good on that Variety magazine cover.


Carmen SanDiego said...

She was pretty good in The Fosters... Rooting for her

Anonymous said...

I will never forgive that walking lump of waste material for her ching-chong comments and accompanying slant-eye gestures. She never did apologize for this either. I'm surprised you support that racist scumbag, lesbian or not.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked Rosie. I think people hating on her has only made me like her more (some of the "fat slob" variety comments are relentless). Yes, she's done some stupid things (tho unlike many, sharing her political opinions are not one of them for me)- but she is always just herself and resists being "molded" into the predictable celebrity-hood. And she's always struck me as an essentially good person. She's like that mouthy friend who makes you cringe sometimes but always has your back. I wish her luck.