Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No more Trophies

You guys, I am so upset. Oh, don’t worry – not about life. I’m upset about something more important. TV, duh. “Trophy Wife” got canceled and aired its last-ever episode last night. Now, I blame myself. I should have talked about Sarah Haskin’s show more. Relax, I don’t think I have the power to make this show a hit. But I feel terrible for not doing all I could so more people could enjoy this little gem while it was on. After an above-average pilot, the series went on to become the funniest, sweetest, surprisingest (go with it) show on TV this season. Why ABC never paired it with “Modern Family” is one of those great unexplained stupidities the universe allows to keep happening. Yet, it does. So a show, and a cast, as great at this goes into the dump heap of history. I hope it finds a seat next to “Go On,” and they talk smack about the Nielsens for eternity.

If you didn’t watch, damn you missed out. Granted, we all hate the name. Ironic TV show titles never work, TV executives. Ever. But aside from that it had everything. Interesting and off-beat characters that are still believable (and super adorable – Bert, Berrrrrt!) Many, many, many great female characters (I don’t think a single episode failed the Bechdel Test). Unbelievable cast chemistry (I mean it, I want the entire cast to move to a new show together – better yet the same show with a different name that airs after “Modern Family.”)

Sigh. I’ll just be over here shaking my fists at the TV gods and cursing their names, per usual.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I don't understand why they never scheduled it after Modern Family either... They would be perfect together. It's like they don't want the show to suceed.
Oh well, looking forward to Fresh Off the Boat, hope it is not just ABC jokes and lasts longer than Margaret Cho's All American Girl

foxysox said...

Definitely the best show this year, I can't believe it got canceled with a cast as stellar as they were, what a sad, sad waste, I am gutted, ABC really cleared the deck and canceled everything this year, if they think I'm going to watch any of their shows next year knowing they'll probably have to cull them all again because the network is being run by imbeciles who can't figure out how they've slipped so far down in the ratings they can eat a dick!!!
I genuinely watch so much TV and I can't remember the last time I was this upset. Probably when they canceled Pushing Daisies. (You're a bad network ABC, no one likes you when you behave in such mean, lazy, thoughtless way.)

Anonymous said...

I feel like everyone who actually gave this show a chance really loved it. Unfortunately, most people either didn't know about it or thought it was stupid from the title. I really wish the TV execs would learn how to properly market shows.