Monday, May 05, 2014

Back in Orange

Remember when folks thought Laura Prepon was leaving “Orange Is the New Black” because SCIENTOLOGY. But then it turned out it was probably just because she was busy working on her secret directorial debut and Netflix being stupid for not locking her down for a long-term contract? And Laura has also since been to the GLAAD Awards and on the cover of Curve and lots of lesborific things. Yeah, those were heady, heady, wrong-heady times. Not that I love Scientology, or anything. But I do love when conspiracy theories get debunked. Also, vaccinate your kids, dammit. Anyway, today it was announced that “Orange Is the New Black” will be back for a third season and it was already announced that Laura will be back full time in said season. So I see our future. And it involves MORE ALEX VAUSE. In conclusion, fuck yeah.

p.s. I love these fake episode titles for the third season. “The Lesbian Thread” and “back to the Rape Well” are my personal favorites. The latter is also the alternate title for “Game of Thrones.”

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