Thursday, May 08, 2014

Gender Fuck Thursday

Seeing how Tuesday and Wednesday’s ladies were all doing it, I thought it only seemed fair that Thursday made it official. Also, Ladies in suit jackets are hot, duh. Especially when paired with a nice tie. Since we haven’t had a Gender Fuck Thursday in a while, we were also due.

Angelina Jolie

God, I cannot wait for “Maleficent.”

Christina Hendricks

I feel like I haven’t seen her and the ladies in forever.

Lena Headey

Even though much of it is quite troubling, I’m thrilled for Lena that Cersei is getting more screen time this season.

Michelle Krusiec

After “Imagine Me & You,” “Saving Face” is my go-to happy-place lezzie rom-com.

Anjelica Huston

Man, that lady gives good face.

Ellen Page

Man, it really is lovely watching a smart, talented young woman articulate exactly how coming out has improved her life.

BONUS: Some casual Ellen Page Gender Fuck, courtesy her The Hollywood Reporter cover story.


;) babs said...

has anybody ever seen "Nice Girls Crew" with Michelle Krusiec AND Sheetal Sheth?

Carmen SanDiego said...

Hot! Thanks DS
Now on to read Ellen Page's interview at THR

SK said...

Ming-Na Wen was wonderful in a suit and big geek glasses on SHIELD this week, but a brief googling finds no screenshots so far.

Anonymous said...

SK - didn't know how to paste the pic here, but halfway down the page at this link, you'll find the awesome Ming-Na!

SK said...

Great, thanks! She's so cute with Grandpa Coulson in his sweater. Or is it just "Mr. Coulson".... o/~ Who are the agents in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood... o/~

Panty Buns said...

The next time I'm out in full drag I may dream of being on the arm of any of those women, even though I'll know it's only in my dreams.

Anonymous said...

that THR interview of ellen page is really disturbing. she was protraited as someone who didn't want to be gay at all, someone who still tried to have sex with man even after she was aware of her sexual preference. and then she was persuaded into the closet by her publist. no wonder she was depressed. if that's true, i truly feel sorry for her. i mean she might lost her a-list star status by coming out, but with her talent, she could definitely still acting. why put oneself through all the shit!?