Monday, March 03, 2014

Oscar hearts Pizza

I think we can all agree last night belonged to Adele Dazeem. Kidding, kidding. Thank God Travolta wasn’t asked to pronounce Lupita Nyong’o, too. So, between all the superstar selfies, pizza delivery and mispronunciation of Tony-winners names, it was easy to forget they handed out awards. But they did. A bunch of them. There was even an EGOT in the bunch. A few of my favorite moments from a long (long, long) night of sometimes strange and a few fantastic things. A look back in wonder.

J-Law loses to “Gravity,” again.

I love how she grabbed onto her friend, like, “If I’m going down we ALL go down!” And then, of course, could laugh at herself.

Lupita & Meryl get HAPPY!

p.s. Amy Adams, too.

Adele Dazeem is going to be a star, a STAR, I tell ya!

I was so confused for a second. Like, why would they let anyone but Idina sing “Let It Go?”

Brad Pitt has a promising career in pizza delivery.

And that’s Meryl taking a slice, yo.

Lupita Nyong’s is the Disney princess we’ve been waiting for.

I mean, she even has the headband.


The selfie bit started slowly, but then all the A-list celebrities started acted like normal idiots taking a selfie. So then it was genius.

Bonus: My two favorite people at the Oscars this year.

So, share, what were your favorite bits? And, seriously, get Adele Dazeem a record deal immediately.


Julie said...

Can we discuss the guns Lupita is showing off in that last picture? Will you be featuring her for some hotness anytime soon? Pretty please?

Carmen SanDiego said...

Of course someone already made this Adele Dazeem a fake twitter account. Of course

Florence said...

I loved Cate Blanchett speech. Pure class. And I adored Brad being the perfect gentleman/dad with the pizza (bonus: Retta tweeting about it)

egghead said...

My two favorites too. That's about it 'cept for Ellen and Meryl and Brangelina and Julia and Amy and Bradley. And where the hell was Emma! Boring, kinda without Emma. Oh, and that Lupita speech was purrrrfect.

I think Ellen took "comfortable" to a whole different level. She did well, she pulled it off.

Solo said...

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping a SGALGG Oscar edition will be coming soon... please!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Amy gif of super cuteness! Words can't explain she just makes me....sighhhh love her:)

Anonymous said...

Everything Kevin Spacey!!!