Friday, March 07, 2014


I bet you were wondering where the SGALGG went. Don’t worry, kittens, I didn’t forget. It’s just that at this year’s Academy Awards there were also a bunch of actual Gay Gals Acting Like Gay Gays, in addition to the Straight Gals doing the same. So I thought why not celebrate them both. The GGALGG and the SGALGG. The real deals and those just expressing the most sincere form of flattery. Best of both worlds, I say.


Ellen & Portia

I really never get tired of seeing the Royal Gay Couple.

Evan Rachel Wood & Anna Paquin

I miss when Evan was on “True Blood.” It sucked a lot less then.

Angelina Jolie & Lupita Nyong’o

Look at Angie, trying to get a little sugar from Lupita.

Sarah Paulson & Jane Fonda

Count the hands. Who is goosing Sarah?

Angie & Sarah

Leave it to two gay ladies to find each other in a crowd and make clear after-party plans.

Annie Leibovitz & Penelope Cruz

Leave it to the gay lady to find the pretty lady, too.

Fran Lebowitz & Diane Lane

See above.

Lisa Bonet, Zoe Kravitz & Ellen Page

Two generations-worth of see above.


Bono, Portia & Ellen

No kissing boys. OMG, don’t you two know the rules?


Charlize Theron & Lupita

Can you blame them?

Lupita & Rosario Dawson

No, no you cannot.

Cate Blanchett & Jennifer Lawrence

Trying to slip her your room key, eh, Cate?

J-Law & The Friend She Nearly Took Down With Her

Aw, good to see they made up.

Meryl Streep & Glenn Close

In the absence of Emma Thompson, Meryl goes for the next best thing.


Liam Hemsworth, Ben Affleck & Chris Hemswoth

A Ben on slices of Hemsworth Brother sandwich for the bisexual ladies in the house (and gay boys).


Meryl & Pizza

Admittedly, this is the biggest love connection of the night.


Anonymous said...

"I really never get tired of seeing the Royal Gay Couple."

They look so perfect together :-)

Anonymous said...

You know I was wondering where this was! Well worth the wait. Xo Canuckgrrl

egghead said...

Great pics Snarker babe, kitten you. Love you.

It was well worth the wait just to see Meryl snuggling Glenn. Omg. :D

I learned that Emma is on Broadway or something or other. Missed her. :(