Friday, December 28, 2012

My Weekend Thanks

Right, so file this under better late than never. Here comes a flood of very belated, yet very heartfelt Indiegogo fundraising campaign thanks. First, again, thanks, to every single person who donated. I cannot ever truly express my full gratitude to you for your donations and thinking enough of the silly things I write to throw some of your hard-earned cash my way. Almost as belated as the thanks was my actual purchase of a new laptop, which is what this whole thing was about in the first place. But, as you can see, buy one I did. And a new Mac at that. My first Mac. Yeah, I’m one of those people now. Thank you again. To each and every one of you. And also to all of you who stop by to read and chat. You’ll never know truly how thankful I am. What follows is a list of all the names of you amazingly kind and generous folks who donated, as promised as one of my Indiegogo Perks. I’ve abbreviated your names for privacy. Please let me know if you have been left off, I will rectify it immediately. Alternately please let me know if you’d like to be left off, and ditto. Happy weekend, all.


Sally G, Karen W, Stephanie L, Ann M, Saba O, Catherine C, Ann W, Lisa R, Ned M, Jody W, Jen C, Amanda M, Virginie A, C. M, Dana P, Audrey Z, Kristens S, Stephanie H, June T, Megan D, Britt K, Upekha B, Trudy S, Cecilia S, Tracey B, Deborah M, Kel Z, Caitlin D, Jet & Deborah L, Sarah K, Beth E, Katherine M, Daniel J, Tiffany U, Maria D, Cindy S, Catherine B, Jodi K, Jonathan Y, Traci H, Krysti L, Kate C, Leah K, Veronica F, Daemon C, Jessica D, Derek L, Michelle R, Mel I, Elena D, Arron B, D.L.D, Deborah M, Morag G, Carol A, Kate M, Becky A & Bec S, Terrianne M, Linda K, Sally G, Geoffrey S, Susan W, Amanda M, Laurin K, Leanne O, Amy D, Claire H, Becky K, Deborah L, Jaie B, Elle M, Darienne N, Nichola W, Jaime Z, Verena F, Angela N, Morgane V, Megan W, Ying Z, Tish D, Heather D, Bianca S, Melissa B, Mari D, Kathryn M, Vlasta V, Julie K, & Jessica K, Linda O, Laura A, Chen D, Derek L, Kristin M, Peggy J, Mandy N, Louise K, Sarah D, Jasmine H, Jill E, Karly K, Alyssa S, Erin M, Jennifer B, Carol B, J.W, Sally J, Alex B, Sharon T, Joana R, Trish B, April A, Babs P, Stephanie L, Andrea H, Margaret C, Sabrina A, Jaclyn S, Debra S, Helen C, Kari W, Lynda M, Louise C, D. L, Kate L, Laura S, Sarah M, Jolie L, Katherine L, Andrea P, Carol J, J. B, Kendra E, Hannelore A, Marvourneen D, Stacy L, Jennifer R, Sarah W, Tai-En L, Meike H, Erin M, Kittie C, Jennifer H, Danielle T, Vicky S, Sanjuana S, Andrea S, Shelley K, Cindy E, Darla S, Alicia E, Aliza L, Daemon C, Daphne B, Malinda L, Suzanne I, Akosua K, Kerrie B, Tedi E, Keeylyme, Brandi M, Carmen P, Dana R, Lisa S, Calle, Gabrielle, Carol, Bonnie, Char, Tori, Mikki, Pamela, Manivone, Annette, Sara, Liz, Kathleen, C.S., Kate, Selena, Jemma, Peggy, Alice, Marisa, Katherine, Lilian, Amy, Katie, Nancy, Marisa, Liz, Xin, Dana, Marie, Heather, Carla, Rosalind, Alena, Sheila, Alice, Sarah, Ilise, Sarah, Kathryn, Khristen, Donna, Megan, Stephanie, Susan, Kathleen, Dena, Maya, Trash, Darla, Caroline, Kelly, Nat, Hester, Fiona, Lisa, Carol, Khue, Eileen, Carolina, Lois, Christina, Beatriz , JoAnne, Elizabeth, Lisa, Lauren, Celia, Elizabeth, Rhonda, Tammy, Juli, Owen, Tanja, Colleen, Jolaine, MaryAnn, Sophie, Mary, Pamela, Julie, Jessica, Maya, Lise, Akasha, Vibeke, Rhonda, Alice, Michael, Karen, Jeannette, Laura, Suzanne, Lindsay, Eli, Dora, Melisa, Danielle, Kim, Keely, Dorothy, Lorraine, Elena, Daphna, Carol, A, Deanna, Nicole, Erin, Heather, Lorraine, Paula, Christine, Susanne.

p.s. The rest of the perks are coming as we speak. Those getting a Twitter thanks, check my feed today. Those getting personalized thanks, check your inboxes soon. And if you’re expecting a postcard, it’s finally time to start waiting by the mailbox. I should have everything done by the end of January.

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Yay Snarker postcard is coming