Monday, December 03, 2012

Closer to you

Is to so gay, too gay or just gay enough to post the new Tegan and Sara video on a Monday morning? Fuck it. You know why? Because it’s fabulous. The first time I heard this song I thought, oh, that’s good. But with each listen I become convinced that it’s not just good, not just great, but fucking fantastic. Like, I think this song may be the antidote to the Mondays. It’s deliriously catchy. And delightfully uplifting. Because not only does it make you want to tap your toes, it makes you actually feel lighter on them. Something about the delicious combination of a good hook and bouncy melody mixed with the intoxicating feeling of attraction makes you want to get, well, closer. Happy Monday, and I mean that sincerely.

p.s. Also, who can resist a good 80s middle school party vibe? No one, that’s goddamn who.


TheWeyrd1 said... are so right.

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Oh lawd. It's official: HRH Xena of Cambridge (phwoar! But that's besides the point darlings!) is well and truly up the duff. The media frenzy has begun. We can look forward to years and years and years and years... of mind-numbing royal baby guff without so much of a minute of welcome relief like this:

"It was just a complicated birth OK, and my nose changed shape!" :D

Anyway, thanks so much for the T&S number Snarks! Fair cheered me up!

Bring on the revolution!


PS And they have the audacity to complain about pregnant lesbians! Darlings, you know NOTHING until you've had a pregnant royal on your hands!

Anonymous said...

PS What the hell?! The American hacks appear to have gone as gaga as their British counterparts! Darlings, you have a REPUBLIC, embrace it! Laugh AT us darlings, for we DESERVE it!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Shared on FB and downloaded it immediately :) Thanks Dorothy!!

Anonymous said...

Hells Yes! Seeing this kick ass shit LIVE these Cdn cuties, thx for the red alert on new vid snarker!

Anonymous said...

PD, Please get thyself a blog of your very own. (scroll, scroll, scroll)