Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gender Fuck Thursday: Shirtless Edition

They say no shirt, no shoes, no service. But in cases like these if you’re wearing no shirt, there’s no way you’re not getting serviced. Rimshot! Hey, it can’t all be high brow. Sometimes it’s just about the exquisite pleasure of a lady wearing a nice jacket without a nice shirt. And if that lady happened to be wearing a lovely garter set underneath, like Kirsten Dunst – well, that’s some extra special service coming up right there. Extra special, indeed.

Catherine Zeta-JonesBest black-tie optional attire ever.

RihannaOne of my goals in life is to have vacations like Rihanna.

Anne HathawayPeople seem worried about whether the new Catwoman will be sexy enough. I have to say, I’m not overly worried.

Keira KnightleyI wish Keira would go back to the short hair. You don’t know how much.

Eva GreenFrench women, amirite?

Amber HeardLots of you seemed concerned about informing me that Amber is now single. Good to know, very good.

Tilda SwintonRight, like one of these would be complete without a little Swinton.

Lauren Hutton & Christy TurlingtonI find shirtlessness most fun in pairs, too.

Demi MooreWell, I never said she needed to be wearing a jacket, too.


Anonymous said...

wha?? where is that demi pic from AND WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE!?

and oh, poor amber. But YAY lesbians everywhere having false hopes!

d said...

Dorothy, I always knew you really loved me!

& regarding Keira, Ya, I think I do know!

Anonymous said...

What, Tasya VanRee's single??

Anonymous said...

I can't .. I have to ... I'd like permisson to got to my bunk.
God, why am I at work right now?!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else think Rihanna and her friends seem like they're having a little too much, ahem, fun?!

TheWeyrd1 said...

Kirstin D. with short hair is SEXY and oddly more femme. Lauren makes me want to rethink my thinking on much older women... Mmmmm...Demi is somehow much more appealing lately. Might be the pending divorce... Nice to have reasons to be completely superficial today!

Anonymous said...

Thank you darling!

Just the tonic for those pesky storms (‘Senga’ or ‘Glee’)!

My, my, Ms Heard and Ms Moore are looking particularly FINE this afternoon!


PS Am I the only one who isn’t wild about Swinton? Quite frankly, I find her to be even rather creepy at times.

Anonymous said...

Tilda isn't mainstream sexy, but I really like her avant garde approach to all things. The one I'm having a problem with is Rihanna, who IS mainstream sexy, but is very problematic in her willingness to continue to associate with the thug who beat the shit out of her. God.

MakingSpace said...

Demi. Thank you.

Florence said...

I agree, Tilda isn't classically beautiful but I find her sexy and fascinating.Her androgyny really does it for me.
And Eva Green is drop-dead gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

“The one I'm having a problem with is Rihanna, who IS mainstream sexy, but is very problematic in her willingness to continue to associate with the thug who beat the shit out of her. God.”

That guy is probably her controller (they’re very good at beating the hell out of their slaves), if so Rihanna is being ‘forced’ to remain with the guy. Old Vigilant has an ever expanding file on the unfortunate Rihanna in case you’re interested:

Browse the rest of his site, Google and YouTube etc. for more intel on MK ULTRA and mind control in general. Sadly, most of the ‘biggies’ (Gaga, Britney etc. etc.) of the pop scene are under some kind of mind control.

Isn’t Western ‘culture’ just wonderful? :(


PS Someone else you may want to Google; Cathy O’Brien.

PPS Re Swinton: thank God, I am *normal* then! :)

Anonymous said...

‘What's wrong with Hollywood? MIND CONTROL’

Icke, Wilder & Jones = Disinfo Agents. By that I mean the majority of what they say is true, but they then ‘poison’ you mind with those few percentage points of BS (like the lizards :) )! Everything they say in that video is basically true though.


PS No, I am not a ‘Bible Thumper’. :)

Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh DS, you've done more to fill my "pictures of hotties" folder in my computer than anyone ever. Thank you

Big Shamu said...

Damn Demi, when was that phase and how did I miss it?

tlsintx said...

Best photo of K. Dunst evah!

Nox said...

:: notes bizarre sidebar comments, shakes head and moves on ::

Ok, I've seen all the rumor mill for Tasya/Amber break up, but I still can't find a real confirmation...

honestly hope it isn't true, always makes me sad to hear about breakups of couples that seem to mesh so well.

Vicky Syred said...

Dorothy, my ovaries thank you.

That was, in a word, awesome!

Anonymous said...

this is the greatest gender fuck thursday post EVER!!!