Monday, December 19, 2011

All who wander are not Lost

So, how about that “Lost Girl” this season? I have to say, it has been a bit of a roller coast ride. Some weeks it’s just the epitome of everything I love about this show – the sexy, the action, the pathos, the sexy some more. And then some weeks it feels like wallowing knee-deep in angst. It’s like we’ve stumbled into a video for “Smells Like Succubus Spirit” or something. She is sad because Dyson left her. She is sad because Lauren left her. Emo Bo is emo, we get it. Poor Anna Silk should put in for hazard pay for all the premature wrinkles her scowling this season will surely cause.

But I think what’s irked me most is the inconsistent writing for Lauren. Now, I give the show mad respect for making her character more prominent in the second season. They obviously saw what fans responded to in the first season and responded accordingly. Still the very thing that made so many of us fall in love with Dr. Hotpants in the first place (well, besides how hot pants and other things look on her, that is) is her calm, loyal, gentle personality. One look into those big, soulful, brown eyes and we were all goners. Goners I say.

So much of that is Zoie Palmer herself, who elevated a relatively small role into total fan worship status. Yet somehow this season we’ve gotten two Laurens. The one we know and love. The calm, loyal, gentle Lauren. And the cold, insensitive, unthinking Lauren. It was the last Lauren we saw last week, when Nadia woke up and even though she told Bo she loved her and even though she told Bo she couldn’t have gotten through the past year without her and even though she and Bo had crazy hot sex, she didn’t bother to pick up the phone and say, “Hey, my girlfriend woke up!” Nope, she just walked right into Bo’s birthday party, hand-in-hand, with her coma-free girlfriend and proceeded to give Bo a steel death star as a present. Just throw it right into her heart why don’t ya, Lauren?

This inconsistency actually annoys me more than the Doccubus Interruptus Nadia’s arrival represents. Don’t get me wrong. I want Bo and Lauren to get together, end up together, spend hours upon hours on primetime television peeling tank tops off each other together. But I understand that in TV it’s not always best to get couples together right away. If I’ve learned anything from my misspent youth it is that there are always obstacles to true love that must be overcome. (Though, come on writers, we can’t get more than one good Doccubus boinking scene before you pull the rug out from under them? We’ve been so patient. We ask for so little.)

Still, I haven’t come anywhere near giving up hope. We are only half way through this second season. There’s plenty of time left for good (and hopefully sexy) things to happen. And while we’re waiting, writers, please feel free to let Bo get her sexyback on this season. Preferably with Lauren, obviously. But it’s been a bit of a dry spell for our favorite Succubus. How about you let those blue eyes blaze? And, if you need any other volunteers, trust me, I know about 10 gajillion lesbians who’d happily volunteer to die with a smile on their faces. Sucking face never looked so good.

p.s. Did I mention I’m interviewing both Zoie and Anna this week? Yeah, not a terrible week to be me.


Kim M said...

Great article. Please tell the beautiful duo how much we love them and that we are happy to have such a positive show about human sexuality. Ms snarker, i'm not sure if this is right to ask you to ask them if the show has "lost" its sexy since partnering with the SyFy channel.As a Canadian, I want to know how they might feel about that.P.S SPOILER,,,,but Lost Girl found some Buffy insperation last night and it was a fabulous episode. But why on earth would Lauren have to go to Bo for her car?...I mean really...major WTF moment.

Anonymous said...

All. of. this.

Good luck on your interview with AS and ZP you lucky, lucky woman. I hope you ask them all the right questions.

Anonymous said...

Great article! However, aside from last week's birthday incident, I don't think Lauren was written that out of character.

Have you seen last night's episode yet? Short but powerful Doccubus scene. Spoiler alert******

When their hands touched and the way they reacted to that simple touch was breahtaking. You don't need pages of dialogue to know how they both feel. The hurt and the longing in that very brief moment made my heart stop. If these two don't get to find happiness with each other, I'm gonna...throw something large and heavy.

Good luck on the interview! I'm so jealous right now.

Shasta said...

Eeee! Talking to the Doccubus! Have fun with it :)

Anonymous said...

oh holy sh......
whose a fricking lucky woman this week ? god, this must be Xmas magic !!
stars, presents and gorgeous ladies ! god This week, the only lady, i'm gonna see is..... my mother !!!!.....
ok, think about us, poor b......, and happy xmas !!!

Anonymous said...

Great article. Good luck with your interview, you lucky one! As there are no spoilers to find on the internet at all about this fabulous show, please collect a little hint on Bo/Lauren... Or if nadia is to stay. But it might be too much to ask for. So maybe, just ask if we will see the soft romantic Lauren again (but still, without Nadia)

greenfrog12 said...

I love theses two really, i just want them together, heartbroken that its not happening fast enough, see i wather this from the start an never did see the great love between her and dyson, but her and lauren , making of a great love story

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another great commentary on Lost Girl Ms. Snarker. I agree with you about the two Laurens we've seen this season and suspect that part of that is the writers being caught off guard by her character's popularity and in their scramble to maximize Zoie Palmer's fierce acting skills, the character of Lauren has been pulled all over the place. Zoie gets to chew the scenery but viewers are left wondering what happened to Lauren.
I am trying to keep the Doccubus faith alive but I can't help but feel duped by the way the season was marketed (Lauren as 'the Lover', and the big push of a love triangle that with the exception of one episode has ended up looking more like straight lines between couples and Bo left as a dot amongst them, connected to no one.) Yes we got Bo and Lauren in bed (for a few minutes) but the nail was put into that by the time the credits rolled that same night. The only person who has called Lauren 'a Lover' was the Lich talking to Bo as he prepared to serve Lauren up for dinner.
Please congratulate Anna and Zoie on their fine performances this season (they just bring the words given them to life) and consider asking them if they feel the whole 'love triangle' setup has been fair or accurate (if there ever was a triangle to date then Bo and Lauren are the shortest possible side of it compared to Bo and Dyson); so far I'm not buying it. It better be true in the nine episodes in 2012 or I suspect I won't be the only one feeling cruelly mislead. I hope you enjoy your time talking to Anna and Zoie.

TheWeyrd1 said...

My own personal "Favorite TV Couples" as opposed to "Cutest Couples" (really!?!) on AE's list are Crisabel, Doccubus, and Minx in that order. Cutest are really from the kiddy shows Glee and German Glee, but not in that order...just sayin'. Anyway, nice commentary and so looking forward to reading your interview!

maya said...

So, my problem, (and I'm having a similar problem in straights-ville over at Castle) is that I feel like shows don't know how to tap the brakes. Ya know it's either full steam ahead or else they can't let the characters look at each other. People used to use Moonlighting as an example of a show that put the characters together and then...fizzle. And so every show took notice and stopped doing it. Choosing instead to artificially drag things out, but that gets old too, people! I still believe it doesn't have to be an either/or scenario. There are plenty of obstacles that could be put in Bo and Lauren's way whilst still having them interact and have major sparkage. I'm not even asking for sexy-times every week, just stop putting Lauren in dungeons and sending her off on vacays fer chrissake.

Over on the good ship Rizzles, they are fortunate to not have the put-up-or-shut-up predicament. Because we know they are never going to get together, they are basically free to flirt with each other week after week knowing they will never have to do more to placate the fans. But back on the Doccubus ship...I do not applogize for asking for more. C'mon! They are actual gay/bisexual characters. Do something more with that. Please...Pretty please.

People are blaming the writers a lot for what's going on with Bo and Lauren (Lauren in particular) and I'm actually curious to know what kind of direction Zoie Palmer is getting, because the problem doesn't just lie with the writer's. Zoie's either making certain acting choices or she's directed to play things a certain way. Writing is just words on a page, but the looks (or lack thereof)...that's all her. I want to know what's going on over there, and who we should really blame. There. That's my first question to Zoie Palmer.

And PS, Just for the record, if the show was just Bo and Lauren making out week after week, I would watch it; I would buy the dvds; I would buy the t-shirt.

Thanks, as always, Ms. Snarker.

Anonymous said...

‘Lost Girl’? Why yes, naturally (and entirely upon your recommendation Snarks darling!) I did have a look at that. Sadly, thus far (I am persevering!) I find I do not share your enthusiasm for it. (And it’s not just down to the prolonged teasing either…) I am at a loss as to why exactly I am being left somewhat cold by it all. On paper those two should be right up my alley! They are both extremely attractive after all, even if the blonde is a little too ‘iceberg’ for my tastes. :) It’s all very strange… Perhaps the overt occultism ( :) ) of the piece is what sours it for me?

Anyway (and more importantly!), what’s this I hear about you rallying the ‘troops’ behind the bloody cheerleaders in the damn AE ‘End of Year Couples Tag Team SmackDown’?! Darling, get back to bed this instant! Clearly you are still very much under the weather!

Naturally I initially threw my support behind HG & Myka. (How could I not?! :) ) I was though quite intrigued by all the impassioned recommendations emanating from the comments section regarding those two quite delightful señoritas. Curiosity soon got the better of me and it was not long before I too followed the well trodden path south to the Valley of the Wolves (or whatever the hell it’s called?)! *Sigh* (Good Lord, to think I came this close to missing out!) Darling, I am not in the least ashamed to admit that I have switched my allegiance (and my votes :) )! HG & Myka are still my favourites, but let’s be honest, they didn’t get even so much as a kiss (neither did the cheerleaders come to think of it), whereas those charming chicas got *several* of those and *so much more* besides!!! :D Quite frankly, they had my votes at the lets-break-out-of-this-damn-convent-by-taking-off-all-our-clothes-and-fashioning-a-rudimentary-rope bit! :D Clearly your medication had gotten the best of you before then darling. May I suggest you have another go?! You will not be disappointed!

Unless there is some other reason behind your reticence? A bout of misplaced patriotism perhaps? Come now Snarks, what could be better than shoving a festive fire cracker up the collective metaphorical arse of Murphy and his ilk by letting them see what is possible, and just how much The Lesbians appreciate not being ‘played’ quite so blatantly?! Unless… unless… there is something else that is motivating your somewhat bizarre behaviour? (Hmm, my British reserve seems to have rendered me hopelessly tongue tied. How disconcerting! :/ )

Oh alright, you stick with your damn cheerleaders if you must. (You’re welcome to them!) I’ll stick with the charming chicas! May the best couple (not to mention the most cunning fans!) win!!!

¡Viva España!


PS Whose daft idea was it to throw the subtexters in with the texters anyway? Not yours I hope darling? Was it ‘Mad McManus’? The Bendix woman?

PPS Darling, do try and not fall off your chair again when you meet those charming Canadians! (Snarks, you know you can trust me. My lips are sealed until eternity regarding *that* little episode!) Perhaps a stiff gin beforehand might be an idea?

egghead said...

"She is sad because Dyson left her. She is sad because Lauren left her. Emo Bo is emo, we get it."

I can just imagine Bo crying at her piano now or something . . .


Anonymous said...

my questioin to anna and zoie is 'have you got a stalker yet?'

second question to anna ' did the producer of madman called you yet?'

second question to zoie 'how is your experience in doing nikita?'
'did you have any kungfu training?'

Anonymous said...

my questioin to anna and zoie is 'have you got a stalker yet?'

second question to anna ' did the producer of madman called you yet?'

second question to zoie 'how is your experience in doing nikita?'
'did you have any kungfu training?'

lurk-a-lot ^_^ said...

Great article, but this sums it up for me..,

Still the very thing that made so many of us fall in love with Dr. Hotpants in the first place is her calm, loyal, gentle personality. One look into those big, soulful, brown eyes and we were all goners. Goners I say.

Never a truer word said, & I'm straight. ^_^;;

Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer's presence on screen is one of the reasons why I enjoy Lost Girl so much, the chemistry between the two is electrifying & simply beautiful to behold. ^_^
Hope you have a great time interviewing these two wonderful actresses.

kamila J. said...

Soo anxious about the interview .. well ,maybe Zoie tell more then usual .. I really hope .Great article =))

Shade said...

Lets hope Lauren comes back from the trip with a pro-Doccubus decision. I know she's been a bit inconsistent in S2 but hey how many of us haven't made the wrong decision involving a loved one. Bo whinged about Dyson for a long time after they 'split up'. C'mon give Lauren a chance. She's only kept Nadia alive for 5 years after being in a committed relationship.....It's gotta be difficult.

Marta said...

Oh my god! You get to interview them? I'm so jealous it's insane!
And I have also been repeatedly frustrated by Lauren's inconsistency and the lack of Doccubus love. It's like every time they get together something catastrophic happens, and they break apart! (;_;) Why god WHY?
And to add insult to injury I used to be head over heels for Lauren but lately she has been so distant and cold it's like I don't even know her anymore!
I hope the writer turn it all around soon~

@MeiChi_Lin said...

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Anonymous said...

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