Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tina Fey Thursday

Look, I know. “Glee” and “Modern Family” and “Parks & Recreation.” Wheee! I love all these shows, I watch all these shows, I laugh like a drunken monkey at all these shows. These shows have a guaranteed “Until I Delete” season pass on my DVR. But my first, my last, my always is “30 Rock.” Even the uneven episodes, even the uneven last season. This show owns me. Tina owns me. I want to take her behind the middle school and get her pregnant. Or at least try really, really hard. She is my forever Fake TV Wife. FOREVER.

So, naturally, I am excited about tonight’s “30 Rock” premiere. And by excited I mean, “If you call me during 30 Rock, I will cut you.” Too much? Well you’re just lucky I didn’t say “shoot you,” instead. The show continues to be an oasis of witty, urbane, goofy, smart and relevant writing.

With the premiere comes delightful Tina Fey late-night talk show appearances. Earlier this week she was on with her former Weekend Update co-host Jimmy Fallon. And my gal explained those delightful Drunk Tina shots from the Emmys after parties. You know, the ones where she and Amy Poehler were making a Jon Hamm sandwich on the dance floor. Yeah, you know the ones. On Fallon she lovingly referred to it as “The Night of the Drunk Moms.” (International folks can see it here.)

God, what I wouldn’t have given to be a fly on that wall. Amy’s pregnancy rack. Tina’s fake ponytail. Don Draper encouraging alcoholism at every turn. I want to go to there, times infinity. (Also, don’t worry fidelity lovers, that’s Jon’s longtime girlfriend and Jessica Stein herself Jennifer Westfeldt in the bottom right of the last picture. She, apparently, likes to watch.)

You may recall the Tina leaving for the limo paparazzi video as well. A refresher:

Oh, Tina, I love you even more now for clarifying that last bit. It’s so much more amazing knowing she also said, “Why are you filming me? Did I fuck Ray J in a video?” Like I was saying, I love her. I will never not love her. Also, don’t call me at 8:30 p.m. tonight. I’m on an unbreakable, unendingly awesome date.


Big Shamu said...

What if Tina Fey calls at 8:30?

Anonymous said...

omg i love Tina Fey with all my heart. her adorable little messy hairdo at the end of the night. she almost looks normal (rather than like a complete comedy goddess as she usually does).

also, this is random, but could you please update your bloglovin' thumbnail? if you have time? i miss seeing those little red dorothy shoes! ^_^

sue said...

"I want to take her behind the middle school and get her pregnant."

that comment made my day!

Maria said...

Tina is simply ADORABLE!!!! She's super sexy, kinda nerdy sometimes, cute as hell. The laugh. The hair. The smile. The brains. Impossible not to love her.

vrgriffith said...

Tina Fey just rocks!Your love/lust is completely justified.;-)

VICTOR said...

Tina Fey is sheer genius, sheer genius.