Thursday, September 09, 2010

Remote control

Fire up your DVRs kids, it’s TV watching time. Fall shows start returning tonight and my little TV-loving heart couldn’t be more pleased. Per usual, there will be a major log jam on Thursday nights. When you have to resort to four different recording/viewing methods in a two-hour span, you have to think the TV gods are just fucking with you. There are other nights of the week, people. Spread the love. Speaking of love, the only thing more fun than watching TV is comparing notes with other TV watchers. So, let’s see it. I’ll show you my fall schedule if you show me yours.

Vampire Diaries, tonight, CWI might be the only person here who let out a little squeal when Nina Dobrev jumped out like a cat to join the big Emmy opening number. She is lovely as nice human girl Elena, but bring on the year of the Kat. I’m a sucker for badass vampire chicks. Sucker, see what I did there?

Nikita, tonight, CWMy, Maggie Q, what stretchy stretchy pants you have. Suddenly, Q is my favorite letter in the alphabet.

House, Sept. 20, FoxI stopped watching last season. And Olivia Wilde isn’t even going to be around for much of the beginning of this year. But I still included it because it totally looks like Thirteen is copping a feel of Cuddy’s ass.

Chuck, Sept. 20, NBCHow come I never get seated next to someone who looks like Yvonne StraHOTski?

Glee, Sept. 21, FoxJane Freaking Lynch. Enough said. OK, fine, also Brittana.
Now, really, enough said.

Criminal Minds, Sept. 22, CBSI can’t believe they’re getting rid of A.J. Cook. But her love of Paget Brewster will live on forever in femslash.

Modern Family, Sept. 22, ABCI don’t know if Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen ever got over their feud, but I also don’t care as long as they keep bringing the LOLs. And the Hot.

30 Rock, Sept. 23, NBCOh, Tina. Hold me.

CSI, Sept. 23, CBSThat little lesbian Justin Bieber is in the season premiere. But Starbuck is joining the team starting in November sweeps. Katee Sackhoff and Jorja Fox fan fiction, please. And if you’re feeling really naughty, Marg Helgenberger can come and play, too.

Bones, Sept. 23, FoxI hate Emily Deschanel’s new bangs. There, I said it.

Fringe, Sept 23, FoxLike House, I stopped watching Fringe last season. But Alternate Universe Olivia Dunham is pinging the hell out of my gaydar.
I mean, that belt.

Body of Proof, Sept. 24, ABCMy hopes aren’t super high for this show, but Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan are at least worth a look. Or two.

Yes, I realize Grey’s Anatomy is missing from this list. (*whispers*) I don’t watch. But I am happy to YouTube the Calzona bits later. And yes, Parks & Recreation is missing, too. But that’s because it doesn’t premiere until midseason. (*single tear*) OK, so, let’s see it. How will you be abusing your DVR – or VCR, if you like to kick it old school – this fall season?


Anonymous said...

And what's your excuse for not including SVU? ;) Also, ist that Anna Torv's new hairstyle? Looks weird somehow...

Anonymous said...

you didn't watch last season's fringe? alternate olivia has such SWAGGER.
and Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen feud? i hope this starts with mud fight and ends in bed.

angelica said...

Glee! Gossip Girl and Dexter and i always look forward to Bones, the're aren't alot of new tv shows i watch. mostly i watch buffy and gilmore girls reruns :)

lookatthestar said...

Its going to be A September to Remember..mostly excited about Grey's Anatomy.

As for Modern Family..The Vanity Fair Style Promo is freakingly hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Frakkin' a, Starbuck! Looks like I'll be watching CSI again ;) I stopped after Sara/Grissom happened, Sofia went away, and things got BORING.

Fringe's 2nd season actually rocked! Except for the sad lack of screen time for the fantastic Astrid, played by out actress Jasika Nicole.

Also, I think I own that belt.

elliB said...

I gave up watching shows on tv a while ago, waiting instead to watch most things online or via dvd. BUT I am so caught up on and ready for Chuck and Glee, and I'm almost caught up on Bones. I, too, only watch the Calzona Grey's Anatomy bits on Youtube. And I sort of wish I was caught up on Fringe, but then that's too many tv shows for me to try and be home for...

Shasta said...

So, am I watching too much tv? Yes!

Nikita, because have you seen Maggie Q? Wow.
Survivor: Nicaragua because I can't help myself.
Dancing With the Stars, even though the cast is pissing me off (Bristol Palin is a star? I don't think so). Plus, have you seen those dancers' bodies? Wowie.
Chuck - duh! More people need to watch the complete awesomeness that is Chuck.
Castle, snarky humour and UST are good.
Glee. Squeeeee!
Undercovers, again, have you seen how hot these two are? Wow.
Modern Family. So damn funny.
The Amazing Race. World travels and Phil's eyebrow. Which sounds insane if you've never seen it. I also love when he walks and points. Hmmm, this makes me sound insane!

Throw Project Runway in there too... Tim Gunn!
Oh, and 30 Rock.

And now it looks like I'll have to add CSI to the list. Katee Sackhoff! I want to see if she can be hotter than Starbuck and Sarah Corvus. It's difficult, but maybe she can do it.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but only sort of because knowing you, anything Tina Fey related is relevant - just found out she's a National Spokesperson for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which gives her tons of extra cool points in my book.

Robin said...

@Shasta, that's nothing. My current line-up if full to bursting. I've got the last few summer episodes of:

* Mad Men
* Rubicon
* True Blood
* My Boys
* Warehouse 13 (I love Claudia!)
* White Collar (Yay for cannon lesbians!)
* Covert Affairs
* Eureka
* Haven
* Flashpoint
* Top Chef

As for the fall line-up, there's my current roster of:

* Chuck
* House
* How I Met Your Mother
* Castle
* Glee
* Criminal Minds (::sniff:: We'll miss you, JJ.)
* Bones
* Fringe
* Big Bang Theory (Nerds FTW!)
* Smallville (I know, I know, but it's the last season and I want to see it out.)
* Stargate Universe
* Sanctuary
* Dexter

And the potential additions:

* Boardwalk Empire
* The Event
* Hawaii Five-O
* Undercovers (Mmm, spies.)
* Hellcats (Yes, it's basically Bring It On as a series. I don't care. There's dancing and sarcasm.)
* Nikita (I've been watching some of the old episodes online. For, um... comparison?)
* Top Chef: Just Desserts (A cooking competition entirely about baking? Is there a home edition yet?)

My poor little DVR is going to get quite a workout, and even then it will be heavily supplemented by Hulu.

Heather Anne said...

Hahaha! You totally cropped Casey out of that photo with Agent Sarah Walker! Love it.

I am so excited about fall TV. SO EXCITED.

lauwer said...

May I add: How I met Your Mother with the gorgeous Cobie Smulders, make that Smolders!!
Law and Order SVU, too bad Alex Cabot won't return, but butchy Benson will do!!

and ofcourse:
Modern Family
House MD

My Mutorrent will be in overdrive!!

Emily said...

How dare you stop watching Fringe! Now that my baby Lost is gone, it's the only show that keeps me thinking. And House is worth it, believe it or not. Yeah, the material is getting pretty stale, but how could you NOT want to look at Olivia Wilde, even for just a few minutes?

Besides those two... 90210 (don't judge, Jessica Stroup is sooo hot), CSI, Glee and Survivor all make my list this season. I'll be giving newcomers Nikita, The Event and Hawaii 5-0 a chance. And gotta finish Covert Affairs, Rookie Blue, and The Gates from this summer! :)

Alicia said...

I kind of can't wait to see Body of Proof. The film crew invaded my college soccer field for the second episode. Rhode Island usually isn't a primo spot to film movies or TV shows, so when it does happen here, everyone gets pretty hyped about it.

Sadly, I didn't see Dana that day :(

Kate said...

Robin, you watch almost as much TV as my girlfriend and I do ~ and some of the same shows ~ hooray, someone else loves My Boys! (But I fear it won't be back, since the season finale is titled "My Men"; sounds like a wrap-up). I became an NCIS fanatic last year, when we spent the entire summer catching up with the whole series (out of order, which was a trip) on USA Network. I developed a huge crush on Sasha Alexander. Now, I can love her on Rizzoli & Isles, and still enjoy Cote de Pablo on NCIS!

Erica said...

I'm am RIGHT there with you on the YouTube of Calzona--can't stand to sit through the show and BetweenThaLines does such good editing of their scenes I can sit and rewatch for hours...Other than that, Glee & 30 Rock are must-see.

vrgriffith said...

Venture Brothers

Does anyone know if there is a site for Skins where I could watch episodes? Does AfterEllen have those episodes?

Anonymous said...

How can you forget the new show with Jennifer Beals's Ride Alone?

Norma Desmond said...

Mmmm... Marg Helgenberger. Still, won't watch that show. Also, while I have this sinking feeling Body of Proof is going to SUCK, well... it's Dana Delany. As much as you love Tina, I love Dana. And I will stick around a terrible show for a LONG time for a pretty girl. I mean, I even watch Private Practice for a whole season (oh , Kate Walsh, I do love you).

I was with you for the better part of the first half of the list. I tend to shy away from procedurals and vampires, action, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for all the beautiful pussy in this world thank you God for all these wonderful women!!!

Robin said...

@Kate, I love My Boys so much. If I were into sports instead of sci-fi, I would want to be PJ when I grow up. It does seem like this is the last season, though, since Jordana Spiro and Kyle Howard both did pilots for NBC and Reid Scott's in a full-on series with Oliver Platt for USA. :(

Aaand my plate just got a little fuller, because Syfy changed their minds and decided to bring back Caprica in October instead of delaying it until January as previously announced. (A 9-month break in the middle of a first-season show, even a spin-off of one of their most popular properties, would have been colossally detrimental.)

Melinda said...

I'm not much of a TV watcher, but my daughter and I laughed through Glee on DVD this I can't wait for it to start again!

Making Space said...

I don't watch regular TV, too busy with my Netflix queue... but I'm thinking Fringe might be worth a look-see, 'cause, well, YEAH.

Shula said...

Looking forward to new TV. Here's my line up.

Chuck (Linda Hamilton!)
Grey's Anatomy
V (when/if it starts back up)
And the new show No Ordinary Family because it looks cute.

Anonymous said...

Dr Alice Roberts

Victoria Coren on "Balderdash and Piffle"

To France

Melissa Theuriau