Friday, February 26, 2010

My Weekend Crush

Olympic Figure Skating

Yes, another post about women’s figure skating. Don’t worry, this only happens once every four years. So if impossibly graceful young women with iron wills and knives on their shoes bore you, go get a sandwich and come back Monday. Who knows, maybe there’ll be naked ladies again. But back to the ice, where last night was witness to – in my most humble of opinions – the most fucking amazing women’s figure skating finals I’ve ever seen.

This is why I watch the Olympics. Not just for the ice skating, per se (though, as I’ve said before, I do love it so). No, I love to see athletes reach their potential, do their best and truly enjoy their moment. I cannot recall ever seeing a more well skated final round from all the medal contenders. Not ever. None of the women in the last group fell. Very few made errors, and small ones at that. All shone in some way. Almost all were radiantly happy with their performance. Even the disappointed silver winner landed not one but two – two – triple axels in her program. And those plucky teenage Americans didn’t medal, but still showed their mettle. Hello, history, the ladies on Vancouver are calling.

And then, of course, there was Kim Yu-Na, the flawless golden queen of figure skating who carried an entire country’s expectations on her willowy shoulders, and Joannie Rochette, the adopted daughter of these games who battled through excruciating loss for a triumphant bronze. Damn, it’s almost like it was scripted. Bigger damn, I can’t believe the Olympics are almost over. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your post about women's olympians...
how come none about the women's hockey team???

Shannon said...

Very happy about the Women's Figure Skating outcome last night. I thought that everyone did a beautiful job!

I'm going to "pimp" out my own blog now, in case anyone wants to keep up with some of the latest Olympic photos:

As always wonderful job Dorthy!

Rebecca said...

I agree 100%! It's so amazing when athletes live up to their hype. And how charming was Mirai Nagasu when she saw her scores? I've never seen someone so excited to place 4th.
Additionally, I hope we'll see more of Joannie Rochette on Tank Top Tuesdays. She's got some admirable guns..

Sarah said...

I loved the free skate, it was utterly beautiful!

Trouble was, I was briefly out of the room when Kim Yu-Na was on, only catching the very very end when I got back, to hear everyone raving about how incredible it was.

Does anyone know where I can watch her free skate online? (I'm in NZ, so US-based networks won't play).

And I have to agree with Rebecca about Joannie Rochette's arms ... wow, but it's not often you see a figure skater with that amount of upper-body musculature ... she was/is gorgeous, both in terms of her performance, which was incredible, beautiful and inspiring, but also .... woah.

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

Can't wait til the 'pics are over. I wanna see a new episode of Chuck. Is that so wrong?

Those ladies do rock though, I admit.

Becky said...

Really, your best quote yet:
"So if impossibly graceful young women with iron wills and knives on their shoes bore you, go get a sandwich and come back Monday."

This made me watch the final, and I will be forever grateful. Thank goodness for the new scoring system, these ladies were outstanding. Forget gold, Kim Yu-Na needs a DIAMOND medal!

Sarah you should be able to watch aussie coverage here: under "Full Coverage: Women's Figure Skating final.

Katherine said...

... Ok, now it actually HURTS that I'm not watching the Olympics... Damn you, Snarker. Damn you.

EG said...

Joannie Rochette owns my heart. So do her lovely toned arms. Mao Asada was not pleased with her loss to Kim Yuna. It's sad when you realize the cultural divide between these two countries, and the pressure these young women are carrying on their shoulders keeps them from finding the beauty and brilliance in a silver medal.

Thanks, Snarker.

Fiona said...


LizW said...

I see Joannie has been given the (well-deserved) honour of carrying the Canadian flag in the closing ceremonies later this evening.

Kris said...

I absolutely lovee Kim Yu-Na! She looked stunning in her long program (and I really shouldn't perv on a 19 yr old) but she's gorgeous! That smile is contagious. I'm so happy she blew the competition away!