Friday, February 05, 2010

My Weekend Crush

In the 82-year history of the Academy Award only four – yes, four – women have been nominated for best director. None – yes, none – have ever won. This is a shameful legacy for an institution that at its core should exalt excellence at its most unadulterated, unbiased form. Artistry knows no gender. But this, of course, is not what has happened. Over the years the awards have been subject to politics and popularity. The winners have been a seemingly endless parade of white men. In 2005, Ang Lee became the first, and so far only, minority to take home the prestigious honor. (That, as if we need reminding, was the year “Crash” stole the award from “Brokeback Mountain.” Boo! Hiss!) This year Lee Daniels becomes only the second black filmmaker to be nominated for best director. Clearly, Oscar has a long way to go.

But this year, in a race with two historic nominees, it’s the woman who just might finally break into the exclusive boys clubs. Make no mistake, “Precious” is a wonderful film filled with rich portrayals and strong stories. But when it comes to sheer visceral energy and grand passionate filmmaking, no movie matched “The Hurt Locker” this year. Kathryn Bigelow is, quite simply, a great director. Not a great female director, though she is one. But just an amazing auteur. Throughout her career she has made intense, heart-pounding fare that defies expectations. Women make movies about falling in love, the conventional wisdom goes. Well, sure, some do. Others make movies about sky-diving, Presidential mask-wearing surfers who rob banks on the side. Look, there’s nothing wrong with making movies about love, but that’s clearly not all we can do.

So this year, when they open the envelope and say “And the Oscar goes to…” let them finally right 82 years of folly by saying “Kathryn Bigelow.” Show the boys how it’s done, Kathryn. Happy weekend, all.


Chris said...

Plus, if she wins, New Zealand cinemas might even decide to screen the damn movie. Fingers crossed.

jess said...

Why won't New Zealand screen it?

Also, if she wins, she'll finally get one over her ex and Avatar and for some reason that thought makes me giggle.

Rachel said...


Josephine said...

Plus, she's hot, and James Cameron is obnoxious.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I think she's going to win.

the crustybastard said...

She should get the award retrospectively for Point Break.

That is truly one of the great TrashClassics™.

"I. Am an F. B. I. agent!"
- Johnny Utah

Marie said...

I agree, The Hurt Locker was like a gigantic slap in the face, intense, gripping, fascinating, she basically broke some kind of hollywood rule that women are not really made to film war movies right? She kicked ass, Bigelow makes her best movies when having a low budget and total freedom and she deserves the bloody statue(s) for being so awesome.
Top of that, Avatar was fun, but nominated at the Oscars? Is it a joke? LOL... And bitch slap in Cameron "kingoftheworldagain" face if she wins? Priceless. At least the man was decent enough to say "he thought Kathryn would win tonigh" at the Globes, phew...
Please, if she doesn't get the Oscar, I will begin a campaign against the Academy!
(sorry, I think she really deserves it and got carried away :D)

Marie said...

Oh and just for the sake of it, as it's been going around on the web for a few hours now, Cameron directing Bigelow:

Pure 80's gold :)

Chris said...


New Zealand always lags behind on films that aren't massive blockbusters e.g. "Avatar". But if they win an Oscar, some of the better cinemas will screen them, or at the very least, video stores will make sure to stock them. And then I break out the booze and have a big ol' movie night.

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Anonymous said...

The Hurt Locker opens in New Zealand on 1 April 2010 (per still - that's a good year after it was released (albeit limited) in the US, which is unacceptable.