Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tina Fey Thursday

Tina Fey - Harper's Bazaar Nov 2009

Not to get all possessive, but Tina Fey is mine. No, seriously. Mine. Sure, I share her with the world. Yes, yes – there is her husband and her daughter and her millions of adoring fans. But in my heart of hearts, she exists in my own private universe. I can’t help but feel somewhat proprietorial about her. That sounds creepy. That is creepy. Sometimes I’m a little creepy.

Regardless, you should all be impressed by my big bigheartedness today in sharing her with you all. These gorgeous shots are from the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar. A new Tina Fey cover story is always a reason to rejoice.

And this photo shoot is just, well – look, pretty!

But just as great as the pictures in any Tina Fey cover story is the story itself. Tina gives great copy. Every time she talks I admire and respect and adore and, yes, lust after her more. This interview is no exception.

On Botox:

“You can point any kind of laser at my face, but I don’t think Botox is for me. I think it is bad. People who have too much, they look like their faces are full of candles — a shiny, shiny face.” Festive, though. “Yes, festive. A holiday candle.”

On yoga/fitness:

“You will still die. I’ll do grave yoga. Someone can come and stretch me in my grave…That is why L.A. is so bad, because they can take your picture from any side. That is why people in L.A. maintain 360-degree fitness. I don’t have that kind of time.”

On her iconic glasses:

“I don’t wear them very much in real life because I need them to see only far away. And I don’t wear them when I am dressed up, because then I would look like Tootsie.”

On her book:

“It’s full of incredibly angry ranting. Actually, it’s recipes, photographs of doors. And then, more recipes.”

Oh my God, I would kill for a Tina Fey book of recipes. Or photographs of doors. Really, I’ll buy anything Tina is selling. Anytime. Anywhere. Any-damn-thing. See what I was saying? Creepy.

p.s. I am somewhat less creepy about my excitement at the return of “30 Rock” in a week. It’s been a long, dry, Tina-less summer. Finally, Tina will be back in my living room every Thursday night where she belongs. OK, maybe I’m still a little creepy.


Anonymous said...

don't like her,sorry

but she is your crush,too much posts?

and 30 rocK sucks...

i like you whatever

Anonymous said...

Yes she's pretty. And witty. And I'd like to add titty, but that would be vulgar.

There can't be too much Tina Fey posts BTW.

Norma Desmond said...

A little creepy? Perhaps. But, somehow, I feel it's almost alright when it's a celebrity. And you have a blog. I mean, blogs give you free rein to do whatever you want, don't they? Maybe I'm wrong... Oh well. Do whatever you want. I don't judge.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I was Amy Poehler just so Tina Fey and I could be buddies... I love Tina Fey posts, there can never be too many!

nika said...

Why is her hair so pretty? And her legs. Come on. Anyway, yeah, thanks for the Tina Fey post. I think it's been too long.

carina said...

haha I thought that first comment was pretty cute albeit a bit uncalled for. "I like you whatever" :D

J9 said...

"because then I would look like Tootsie.”
I'm still laughing about that line, now 20 minutes later - after watching the clip, and going to the photo shoot, and I laughed through that too - I can't wait for this season to start!
Now I'm off to gaze at my crush - Gillian Anderson

Anonymous said...

...and I only have to wait a whole year until I can see it in the UK.


Anonymous said...

I love her! I am watching season one of 30 Rock right now. Just finally decided to start watching it cuz Fey is awesome. I'm sad it took me this long...this show is hilarious!

Anonymous said...


I am starting to think you need an intervention.

You average 10 posts per L word star

You do have 33 posts for Padma but it's top chef and look at padma

The problem is 60 Posts for Tina Fey. Sixty (6-0)

I'm just saying, you may want to watch that consumption rate.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Snarker,

You love Tina Fey so much that you may be interested in Glarkware shirts. Every month they offer a limited edition shirt. This month's features the "Working on my Night Cheese" quote from 30 Rock last season.

realmarkoneil said...

i'm so over celebs doing fashion spreads/ads. Yuk aaarrrggghhh & ENOUGH! What about some quality journalism? Give some model a job. How stupid do advertisers celebs think we are? It used 2 be: Consume, be silent, die. Now it's: Live to consume, consume what u r told to consume, hope for 15 minutes of fame so u too can do a boring, predictable, exploitative, brand promo fashion spread, die.
Tina please, you're better than that aren't you? Or will you just be what you satirise?

Anonymous said...

can we make this a thing? tina fey thursday, i mean. she deserves it.