Monday, October 26, 2009

Hail Mary

Jesus, Snarker, took you long enough. Many thanks for entering the Mary Tyler Moore giveaway, one and all. If I had 104 copies, you’d all get one. Alas, I only have three. But, rest assured, whenever a publicist wants to ply me with something shiny and new, I will happily pass it along to you kind folks. (Hint, hint, publicists: I will hawk your wares if you let me run a contest.) Anyhew, the winners of the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” season 5 box sets are:

  • M.F.
  • Roya
  • Suazr
Thanks again to all for entering. And thanks, as always, for reading. Oh, and Betty White is the shit. Period.


Norma Desmond said...

I want to be Betty White when I When I'm in my 80s.

Anonymous said...

Me TOO!!! Betty White gay icon??

M. F. Ghandi said...

Betty White IS the shit!

And, may I add, so too is Dorothy Snarker. You go gurl.

Big Shamu said...

Hello? Kisses with Lesbian or Lesbian Friendly celebs? Give aways? Please?

boys said...

nice post