Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stick it with Sarah

What’s a brand new year without a visit from my Fake Girlfriend Sarah Haskins? (She no longer needs the No. 2 designation, since Tina has been upgraded to wife status. Suck it, Prop. 8. I can still get imaginary married.) We’re only two weeks into 2009 and already Sarah is making me pee my pants, just a little, with glee. Luckily for me, there is a product for that.

First, a look back to 2008.

Did you accomplish everything the ads told you to? Dancing for no reason? Check. Eating yogurt? Check. Showing your armpits? Check. And, of course, mooning your coworkers? Check and mate. Casual Fridays will never be the same.

Next, a look at 2009 with the obligatory “Diets! Diets! Diets!” mania that strikes every new year.

Does anyone else think sticking it in your ear hole sounds kind of…dirty?

Fine, just me. Or maybe my thought process has been weakened from going on Sarah’s eat through your ear diet. I mean, who wants to taste food when you can hear it instead?


Anonymous said...

i love you sarah. what a great things to wake up in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Well, Im just a modern guy

Of course, Ive had it in the ear before

Iggy Pop

let me dance said...

giggle~ ^^
ds, the first one, sarah's sweater is so funny! it's like cookies on her sweater. hi hi hi..

anyway why she doesn't wear underwear? it's kind of insurance when pants off accidently.

so new year's issue is diet?
hum i don't drink soda anymore.
to me, i think people has their own
pretty thing and it doesn't related on their weight.

i mean some people are so cute cus their look good when they are big, and others look better when they're thin.

i'm very dislike skinny. seems hungry. whatever tells me doesn't matter. dislike.

also i think people keep their own weight i mean it can chage a little
when they eat more or less but it
doesn't make huge difference and when it happen, it means they have some issue about their health.
get weight and loss weight both are bad.

new year's my plan is the usual
eat whatever i want to, but not too much, of course balance in general. ^^

thanks for the fun post.
i like sarah! anyway!

jackie said...

Gosh--so love Sarah...I'll have to arm wrestle you for her, Snarker...

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated, but I thought you might be interested:

Missy Higgins is giving a free download of "Where I Stood" (a non album version) if you pledge to reduce your carbon output by 2% this year. It involves giving your name and email address.... you get put on her mailing list (but if you're smart you're already on it anyway) then they let you download the file. It's so worth it. It's a really nice version.