Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year's Cate-olutions

Cate Blanchett - Feb 2009 Vanity Fair

Dear 2009,

Hi, look, I know we've only just met and we're still getting to know one another. And I certainly don't usually make a habit of asking for favors at such an early stage in a relationship. But, 2009, already I feel like we might become great friends or at the very least cordial acquaintances. (What? That was one of my New Year's resolutions: Be more optimistic.) So I don't think it would be too bold of me to ask you to grant me this one request: Please, 2009, make more like Cate Blanchett.

Cate Blanchett - Feb 2009 Vanity Fair

Granted, I don't mean her looks because I will never be a tall blonde with alabaster skin. That just ain't going to happen, period. Still, I wouldn't mind Cate's body if you could work something out for me in that area. That way I could kill two resolutions (that pesky "Work out more" one) with one letter. It never hurts to ask, right?

But what I'm really talking about is her style. Her elegance. Her poise. Her ability to lead a seemingly ordinary life amid extraordinary circumstances. Looking at her photoshoot with the unparalleled Annie Leibovitz for the February Vanity Fair cover story, I realize what separates the merely famous from the true stars. The stars are magnetic. Their talent shines through the ages. Quite simply, they transcend.

So, 2009, can you help me out on this one? Though, look, I'm willing to be flexible. If you can't make me more like Cate Blanchett, perhaps you could just give me Cate Blanchett – you know just for an hour or two of twelve. I mean, have you seen Cate Blanchett? Damn, so now I'm starting to rethink the entire premise of this letter. OK, let's start over: Dear 2009, I want Cate Blanchett – can you make this happen?

Ms. Snarker

p.s. Oh, and 2009, my other resolution is to finally, finally answer all of the incredibly kind emails I've received in the past month. Sadly, I don't even think Cate could help me with that one. But I'm working on it. I promise.


blue said...

what a lovely way to begin a year!
nice pics!

joan said...

Thank you for posting these amazing photos.
Cate is so beautiful, and I always adore Annie's work. Wonderful!

Butch Boo said...

My ex used to live next door to her...I would wonder thestreet aimlessly making up any old excuse to go to the shops!!

never did see her though




emma said...

Your blog is so entertaining and beautifully written. I always come back to it.
Thanks for the laughs,
Em from Melbourne, Australia

getinmy said...

Okay, now I'm going to have to adore her, too, because when presented with logic, the reasonable person's mind is changed.

And I'm buying that damned Vanity Fair ;)

let me dance said...

it's very simple, ds,
ask her you want her.