Friday, May 30, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’ve already confessed on these very pages that I don’t watch “Grey’s Anatomy.” I simply can’t take the doctorly navel gazing. But that doesn’t mean I don’t watch Sara Ramirez. Quite the contrary. I’ve watched her closely. Very, very closely. Sara is, what I believe the kids today are calling, The Sex. She is incredibly, ridiculously, outrageously sexy. All that and the woman can flat-out sing. Jesus, if someone tells me she can cook too I might actually die this very minute.

The thing is she is also what the kids today would call thick. Now, I have to agree with other wise women of the web who come down against calling women thick. It makes us sound dense and/or like a Porterhouse. Neither of which are particularly flattering and/or appropriate. What I will say is that Sara is a woman who looks like a woman, and there ain’t much sexier than that.

There also ain’t much sexier than the kiss Sara and Brooke Smith had in the Grey’s finale. Lord. Have. Mercy. (Seriously, you’re gonna want to click those.) You know what I like? I like it when women hold each other’s faces while kissing. Like they have to. Like if they don’t, they may not be able to keep standing or breathing or living. You know, sort of like this.

The Callie and Erica storyline may, may, just draw me into the Grey zone. But then, maybe I’ll just rely on all those faithful YouTubers who make clips and videos and whatnots to their (and my) hearts’ content. See, maybe today’s youth are OK after all. I mean, they did give us this which is pretty much the best argument for the invention of the “replay” button ever. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. How could I forget, she is also a friend of The Gays. And in Spanish to boot.


The Gentleman said...


As always Ms. Snarker you're right on the spot with your weekend crushes.
Sarah Ramirez is undeniably smoldering hot...
Oh, you forgot to add something crucial on her list of sexy accomplishment... she can dance

lopey said...

Wow, Sara Ramirez is just about the sexiest thing on the planet right now. I mean, she has been for a while, but jeez, all those little dance teases are starting to get to me! I do watch Greys, and Callie has been my favorite character since she came to the show (ok, ok, it was because I had a HUGE crush on her 'cause I'm a sucker for a hot, confident Latina with real curves, big surprise) and I love all the attention Ramirez is finally getting! She totally deserves it, she is so diversely talented. And have you heard her speak Spanish?!? Oh wow. Just, Mmmmmm...*shivers*

slacker said...

A most excellent choice. I have been a fan of Ms. Ramirez since I first saw her and all the boys on stage in Spamalot's original staging prior to its trip to New York so she could win a Tony.

Heck ya she's all woman. And she can sing. And I don't watch Grey's, either, but I may have to rewatch that clip of her and Brooke Smith. (hubba!)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the stills of THE KISS and for the DANCING SARA (callie) movie!!! you made my day, weekend, month!
;) babs

Anonymous said...

another movie of sara dancing (with ellen):

SaraFan said...

Sara ... smokin' hot, smokin' smart.

And if anyone was not blown away by her performance at the tony's ... know this ... she was sick as a dog that night, and still blew the roof off the house.

Sarafan said...

More proof that Sara is a friend of ours ... (am I wrong to hope that she's more than a friend? that she's family?)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... now there's a woman that I can definitely say is Muy Caliente and it fits perfectly. Sara Ramirez is smoking HOT, smart, has a sexy voice (both speaking and singing) and is an avid friend and supporter of the GLBT community!
She had me from the moment she danced around in her underwear on Grey's Anatomy!
Thank you, once again Ms. Snarker for sending me into the weekend with the perfect eye candy!

The Big Shamu said...

Sarah and Padma show up at your door for the weekend. You must choose only one.
Which one, Ms. Snarker, which one???

MissAkilahC said...

I hate to be a shameless name dropper, but last year at the GLAAD media awards after party I was talking to TR Knight, supposedly complaining about the lack of dancing girls (I was down about 6 glasses of champagne at this point) and he told me to cross the barrier and ask the VIP girls, one of whom was Ms. Ramirez. She was totally sweet and she is even HOTTER in person, if that's possible at all. AND SOOO TALL!!! She's like a Goddess.

Lezlie Mac said...

How do you say "I think I might faint" in spanish ?

Ms.D, your weekend crush is delicious, as ever. Sarah Ramirez. is outrageously sexy. Hot. Lovely.

What's with Shane-esque skeletons anyways..I love me those juicy bones, the assorted curves, the spanish *ay caramba caliente ay ay*, the little-pink-shorts-and-sunglasses moves, and the singing.
I had no idea she could sing, and girl, can she ! Happy curvy spanish weekend !

Dianna said...

I *heart* Sara.

Check out her singing 'Fever' on Craig Ferugson. (the quality it a little strange but it's worth a watch)

Reggie said...

Mreow! I can't get her out of my head, and neither can I stop reading fanfictions about her....

A truly well-chosen crush, Ms Snarker. Kudos =)

Trihardist said...

Yikes. I concur with all above. Just reading comments about her sexiness is enough to send shivers down my spine.

And I think Lezlie Mac is right; she's perfectly proportioned!

I have to admit that after watching that kiss last week, I had to go back and watch all of season 4. I watched part of season 3 with my straight girl crush last year, and could never understand the appeal of the show. But now I admit that I might be a little bit hooked. Hoping that TV execs will notice the sudden influx of new viewers to the show and think, "Holy cow! When we put lesbians in our shows, the lesbians actually watch them! Whoa! Let's do more of this!"

But yes, excellent crush. Smokin' hot. Totally jealous of missakilahc.

alaska hippo said...

I do not like this woman.

I had made a successful escape from this show to the point where I don't even know what kind of medicine her character practices ... then I heard Addison was coming back for one eppy, and ...!

But I resisted Grey's mopey embrace until I saw Ms. Ramirez on "The View." (oh, come on - just mute the airhead, and it's a fine show)

All that talent, plus charm, patience, and smart. And something tells me she can cook too. *thud*

It's her fault I watched all 2 hours of the finale. It's her fault I will watch the reruns. It's her fault I will be parked in front of the boob tube when the new season starts.

So no, I do not like this woman ... I just worship the ground she dances on.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Makes me want to learn to speak Spanish. All I can remember is "where is the bathroom?" Damn.

K said...

I'm sure you're fantstic at youtubing, but I would check out "The Story So Far" Callie/Erica if you aren't familiar - I don't watch the show either, but they've got me! If they keep this couple going, they will have plenty of new, dedicated queer viewers, I'm sure.

scribe grrrl said...

I pretty much hate Grey's. As a show, it's lazy, predictable, and (as you say) navel-gazey. And don't even get me started on Ellen Pompous-eo. But Sara Ramirez and Brooke Smith are so very hot together. Just do what I do: DVR it and then fast-forward through it!

It's weird, though: to me, the ridiculously skimpy Callie-Erica storyline is somehow more satisfying than all the L Word episodes put together. Is that because I got used to the network standard of piecemeal distribution of lezzie love, a la ER? Or do I actually like to be teased? Uh, don't answer that. Unless it has something to do with Sara Ramirez.

Anyway. Hotness. Agreed.

Steph :) said...

^ and in complete relevance, didn't we all do this at one point in our lives?


Lori said...

You are right she is my new crush! I am not into women but damn she is smoken. I missed that kiss somehow and I am glad you put it up here;-)

Anonymous said...

OMG SARA!!!!!!!!


i love her!!!! shes sooo sexy!!! watch her on greys anatomy with jessica capshaw they're both soooooo HHHOOOTTT!!!!!! love'em both!!!!

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