Wednesday, May 14, 2008

City folk

I can’t be the only one who is ridiculously excited about the new “Sex and the City” movie, right? I loved the show, threw parties for its season premieres and mourned its ending with more than a couple cocktails. It’s interesting because the show is so divorced from my real life. I’m no fashionista. One of my greatest fears is attending events where I need to wear heels. And, clearly, I’m not looking for my Mr. Big. But it’s the friendships and humor that had me coming back each week. While the women may have been archetypes, I never thought they were stereotypes.And now that Miranda, err, Cynthia Nixon is family, come on. Isn’t it required viewing? While I’ve tried to stay away from spoilers and the like, I have enjoyed the various trailers and TV spots the film has trotted out leading up to its May 30 debut.

My favorite thing about that spot? Carrie and Miranda’s costume conversation.

Miranda: The only two choices for women: witch and sexy kitten.
Carrie: Oh, you just said a mouthful there, sister.

Snort! Funny, truthful and with just enough sisterhood is powerful to make me not feel guilty.

Though, I have to say my anticipation for the film has gone from “I can’t wait!” to “I want it now!” thanks to the new series of TV spots.

I’ve decided, very belatedly, that Goldfrapp makes everything better. For serious. Just listen. How can you not dance to that? How, I ask you, how?

God, how much do I wish this song was on the soundtrack instead of Fergie’s horrific “Labels of Love”? (You’re going to have to click the link, because I refuse to let that song pollute this space.) All songs with more than two product placements should be banned from the face of the planet. Forever. It may even ruin the SATC theme song for me if it becomes a hit. Make. It. Stop.

As a palate cleaner, how about that dress Cynthia was rocking at the SAT London premiere? Why hello, ladies. How are you today?p.s. Yes, I realize Sarah Jessica Parker’s hat is madness. I’m just going to pretend a fan gave her flowers and she couldn’t think of another place to put them.


Lula de Montes said...

The National Forest comment did it for me... Different priorities, indeed!

Slym said...

Not able to view the clips right now but the blog basically sums it up quite nicely. I too can't wait. I've spent many a nights with the ladies of SATC I just hope to god it doesn't disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Goldfrapp in the morning. Yay!

TheWeyrd1 said...

All I can say is Cynthia Nixon's girlfriend is truly one LUCKY woman!

Pyewacket said...

I came to the SATC party a little late. I never watched the show until it ended its run on HBO and TBS picked it up.

All I can say is that I don't care who designed my shoes and I never intend on wearing a big fake flower pinned to the shoulder of my attire...but I love the relationships, the friendships, the humor, the humanity...and the love at the core of this story. While it might seem to be about four women looking for the love of the right man in the big is really about what we all want for ourselves in our lives...unconditional this tale it just happens to between four women.

Anonymouse said...

It just never drew me in in the same way that TLW did. I watched more than a few episodes but it never left me wanting more.

dc said...

Has anyone noticed that Cynthia Nixon is looking more beautiful than ever?

She seems to have blossomed in the last 4 years...

Perhaps being in the family helps!

GrinMistress said...

Ooh, juicy & ripe! Here comes the opening, soon I can get my face right in there! Such naughty minds! I'm talking abt the movie opening!!

Thank u once again, dear Dot, esp for the teaser of a preview. Yummy!
And for the Goldfrapp injection - way better than Botox - my frown lines just disappeared!

MAC kisses today (in honor of the SATC babes),

The Grin

MissAkilahC said...

I have many of the same issues with SATC as I do with TLW. Some parts are just so freaking unrealistic. But that's the beauty of tv/fiction. Funny that I'd have to say that I loved the fact that SATC never left you wanting more. I loved the complete story in each episode. I'm just worried they are going to stray from the original concept, and make to long and try to make every fan happy.