Monday, May 01, 2006

SCOTUS goes for Trimspa, baby!

Well, Anna Nicole Smith (version 3.0) finally won her never-ending battle to collect some of the millions, nee, billions left to her by her dearly deceased husband/oil tycoon/old codger J. Howard Marshall. The Supreme Court ruled today the Ms. Smith could continue her fight to collect her due.

Good for her. Now, I'm not in favor of gold digging per se, but I think Anna earned her money the good old fashioned way.

Plus, it's hard not to root for someone as deliriously kooky as her. But, I kinda miss the version 2.0 Anna - you know, the slightly unhinged big gal who might fall down at any moment. We have Trimspa and a better PR team to blame for that.

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