Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jail does the body good

Ah-ha! Now we know why Michelle Rodriguez chose jail time over all of that community service. She knew she wouldn't be needed on the set of "Lost" because, you know, her character got KILLED OFF!

Oh, sorry, if you didn't watch last night's episode, I've now spoiled all your fun. Well, someone had to do it. There's no Santa Claus either. So there. Deal with it.

I'm actually not a big "Lost" watcher (I'm too lazy to catch up and therefore, you know, lost). But heck, even I knew this recent development was big news.

Anyway, here is an alive Michelle on TRL today, apparently no worse for her five days of incarceration. Girl looks like she was at the spa instead of behind bars. What do they feed the inmates out there in Hawaii?

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