Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kanye goes Brokeback for bandanas

Sooooo... I dig Kanye West and all (even that inescapably catchy "Gold Digger" song despite my better, feminist instincts), but what's up with all the bandanas buddy? The above shot is him today on the Ellen Degeneres show. Please note the purple, purple, bandana.

Think I'm kidding about his latest fashion obsession. Oh, no. I'm not kidding. Take a look.

Well, I've done some research thanks to the site and have been able to trace this phenomena back to April 5, 2006 at a concert in Japan. Behold. Now, after even more research I was able to uncover the possible source for Kanye's cowboy chic phase. On April 4, 2006 the DVD for "Brokeback Mountain" was release. Coincidence? Yeah, I don't believe in them either.

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