Monday, December 22, 2014

Matter of Fact

I sounds like a broken record, but everything about this season of “Lost Girl” just feels so damn bittersweet. The bitter we all know. The sweet has been, among other things, the successful moving on of the show’s cast. Ksenia Solo is already making time on set of “Orphan Black” with Cosima. And now Zoie Palmer has been cast as a lead in a new Syfy series, “Dark Matters.” I’m not familiar with the graphic novel of the same name it is based on. But the premise is like “Lost in Space” meets “Rip Van Winkle” or something:

In Dark Matter, the crew of a derelict spaceship is awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, betrayal and hidden secrets.
Comic and series co-creator Joseph Mallozzi has confirmed on his blog that Zoie will play “The Android,” the only non-human member of the crew. He describes her character as:
In personality, she is more butler-like than your typical robot – concise, staid, yet surprisingly possessed of a subtly wry sense of humor, she is an indispensible member of the crew since she can exercise control over all the ship’s systems. And she isn’t shy about reminding everyone of the fact. An outsider among the ship’s human passengers, she is almost child-like in her earnest desire to fit in.
So like Spock and Hal and the robot form Lost in Space all rolled into a Zoie-like package. Though, can’t she have a name beyond “The Android?” How about Andi? An? Think about it.

Zoie will be working under some very familiar faces for the show. It is being produced by Prodigy Pictures, the homebase of “Lost Girl” and executive producers Jay Firestone and Vanessa Piazza. The show is being created by “Stargate” alums Mallozzi and Paul Mullie (who also co-wrote the comic). So it appears the source material will be in good hands.

Zoie seems a natural for this role. Her authoritative and calm presence lends itself to, and I say this in truly a flattering way, robotics. Plus her sense of humor should also hopefully shine through. Mostly, I’m just so glad she has found a new series. Because a TV universe without a regular dose of Zoie is not a TV universe I want to inhabit.

Friday, December 19, 2014

My Weekend Crush

Right, so I need to talk with someone else who watched “Ascension.” The three-night miniseries on Syfy was as brief as it was confounding. Still one of its most welcome attributes was the presence of Lauren Lee Smith, our beloved Soup Chef from “The L Word.” I didn’t recognize her for a second with that white-blonde short hair. (Yeah, I miss the red.) But I certainly enjoyed her presence, and I greatly enjoyed that they made her of the homogay persuasion (even if her lesbianism was only in discussion, and not any action we could see).

The show also featured a very good Tricia Helfer (Number Six on “Battlestar Galactica”) and a brief yet appreciated appearance by Rachel Crawford (Petra the circus performer from “When Night Is Falling”).

Anyway, back to the show. [Set Phasers to Silent: Spoilers Asteroid Field Ahead] Holy what? I actually appreciated the limited run of the series. Television has become such an investment of time that you get reluctant to try something new for fear of the loss of hours of your life. (Or maybe that’s just me and I should get out more.) But three episodes three nights in a row is beyond doable.

Also appealing was the premise, which was part retro drama, part morality tale. Fifty years ago a spaceship with 600 souls has been sent into the stars to ensure mankind’s survival. Now, half way through their 100-year journey, we get a peek into their lives as things start to get weird. The sci-fi story within a sci-fi story was cleverly wrapped. I actually totally did not expect the Night One twist (they’re still on Earth, whaaaat?) So then it became the Truman Show of space stories. And there was also a psychic starchild. Like I said, things started to get weird.

But I was pretty disappointed in the ending, which wasn’t so much an ending as when the cameras stopped. There were enough loose ends to wrap around the circumference of the Earth twice. What’s with that kid? Will they stay in fake space? Where the hell did that officer go? Why did they have to kill the lesbian? Yeah, they killed the lesbian. Sigh. Oh, Soup Chef, it was nice seeing you for a little while. Happy Weekend, all.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wizarding While Gay

So this week J.K. Rowling went on a bit of a Twitter tear answering fan questions. And the question of representation an diversity in Hogwarts came up. She confirmed that people of every religion/belief/non-belief system are represented in Hogwarts (except Wiccans – aw, no Willow?) As far as individual affirmations went, she confirmed the presence of a Jewish wizard. And she also affirmed the presence of LGBT students. I mean, there’s a gay headmaster already.

This news is glorious, obviously. I respect Rowling, her work and the universe of good it has created immensely. But, and sadly there is almost always a but, I sure do wish she had made that representation more front and center in her actual work instead of clarifying in her after-publication addendums. What can I say, we humans tend to be a stubborn bunch and unless shown something directly we tend to not believe it. It’s sort of like how people who actually know a real live LGBT person tends to hate them less than those who only think of LGBT people in the abstract terms.

Anyway, like I said, it’s a quibble amid an ocean of good. Also, bonus points for the big gay graphic.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Plot Points

My continued apologies for the tardy postings. I am in the midst of recapping two shows and working my full time job and trying to be a somewhat social human being this holiday season. So something has to bah humbug, and that is timely blog posts. But, fear not. Only one more (sniffle) The Fall recap this season and then I will just be down to normal busy instead of ughwhatmakeitstop busy. Until then, please enjoy these screencaps from the last Lost Girl recap. I swear, sometimes I have no fucking idea what these writers are doing, but damn if it doesn't look pretty.

Read the full Ep. 502 Lost Girl recap over at AfterEllen.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last Fall

Can you believe there is only one episode of “The Fall” left? Can you? I can’t. I won’t. I feel like it has been forever since the show started, but it was only five short episodes ago. While last season was a slow boil, this season has been a breathless tight-wire act. I didn’t know how this show could become even more taut and fraught with stomach-knotting tension, with so little of what is traditionally considered “action.” But it has. And somehow it has also gotten a lot smart, which – again – seems impossible.

And, once again, I give much of the credit to Gillian Anderson who has been a magnificent study of control, power, indignation and grace throughout this series. I have no idea how it will end. I have no idea if this is the end (like, will there be a season 3, who knows?) But I do know I feel very, very lucky to have been able to watch Gillian these past 10-hours of television. So, with the finale airing tomorrow in Ireland and Thursday in the rest of the UK, this is an appreciation of Ms. Anderson and this humdinger of a season. For my full thoughts on the penultimate episode (SPOILER: Oh my God, how satisfying was it seeing Katie – and of course Paul – arrested?) check out my recap on AfterEllen. Also, you know, any excuse to stare at Gillian Anderson some more is a good excuse.

[Click any of these to embiggen because you know you want to.]

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kiss This

Hey, want to see two hot ladies make out? No, not like that. This is serious. This is for JOURNALISM! The New York Times magazine gathered 18 actors together to share 9 kisses in celebrations of…of, please, like you need a reason. You’ve got to hand it to The Gray Lady, who else can get a bunch of celebrities to kiss for no good reason? Among them were Jenny Slate and Rosario Dawson. Kristen Stewart is among the other lip lockers, alas, not with a lady as the universe intended. (There’s also a fellas kiss, for the fellas. Equality!) You can see all the kisses here. Or just replay Jenny and Rosario. No, seriously, for JOURNALISM.

p.s. There is also a making of video. Because, you guys, SERIOUS JOURNALISM.

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Weekend Crush

So, looks like I’ll be recapping these ladies giving each other serious Eye Sex for another season. As much as I know – and do not expect – these two to actually become a couple, the way they look at each other. Lord. Have. Mercy. If the producers of “Rizzoli & Isles” had any eyes in their head they’d just give in to the chemistry and start “going with the flow,” to quote one DSI Stella Gibson. Now there is a woman who knows how go after what she wants. Like I was saying, this show is so…

May these two get on the elevator together, like Reed Smith should have. Get Happy weekend, all.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Damn, if you ever wondered why the women in Shonda Rhimes’ shows give such good speeches, look no further than their creator. At The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Breakfast this week Ms. Rhimes gave what I think can only accurately be called a humdinger of a speech to the assembled room of industry power players. I can never as eloquently explain what she said in accepting her Sherry Lansing Leadership Award. So, please, do take eight minutes out of your day and listen. (You can also read the full text here.) It is a moving, powerful, funny and true talk about what it takes to break through a glass ceiling. It is pure Shonda. And it’s pretty damn perfect. Yeah, there’s a reason this woman has an entire Thursday night of television, and it’s a good one.

p.s. The Sherry Lansing Leadership Award is, interestingly, the same award Jodie Foster won in 2007 when she gave that now famous, toe-out-of-the-closet speech thanking “her beautiful Cydney.” The more you know.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Liz Lemon Party

Ain’t no gif party like a Liz Lemon gif party because a Liz Lemon gif party is MANDATORY. It’s been a long week and we’re only half way through. So I intend to recharge myself though the restorative powers of Liz Lemon. Oh, Lemon. How I miss you and your night cheese.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Little recap, little recap...

I have been writing the Lost Girl season premiere recap But it is done and should post fist thing tomorrow morning over at AfterEllen. I feel like this little pig right now.

p.s. This whole process would have gone a lot more quickly if only I had a sack of tits to snack on.