Thursday, July 29, 2021

Out, Out Damn Bra

I told you she would be avenged. After yesterday’s appalling lack of Gillian, today is all about Gillian. Well, Gillian and her girls. And can I just say, hard agree, Gillian. HARD AGREE. When this pandemic is finally over (not quite though so GO GET VACCINATED), perhaps the biggest thing I will miss is being able to go braless every single day at work. Like, I’m mad if I have to leave the house and put on a bra for longer than two hours at a time. Indeed, I HATE it. So, anyway, same Gillian. SAME. Hoping to see a lot more of you (no comment on the girls) in the new season of “Sex Education.”


Carmen San Diego said...

Absolutely genius title
And yes, going free of bras is one of the highlights of this whole thing

Anonymous said...

See, it worked! All my protesting in the 68-70's has finally paid off.
I tossed bras and girdles, high heels and Playboys into
the Freedom Trash can. And where is our ERA!

Danielle Warby said...

I haven't worn one for years, except a sports bra for the sportsing.

I'll tame them with a crop top if I have to be in some kind of respectable work situation, which I try and avoid.

And the idea that they'll end up down your belly button it a lie perpetuated by the patriarchy to make us buy more bras.

Free them puppies!