Friday, February 26, 2021

My Weekend Crush

Audre Lorde was the first lesbian scholar whose work I fell in love with as I was coming out and understanding my own sexuality. I would check her books out of the city library, which was diverse and expansive thanks to living in a liberal Midwestern college town. And I would absolutely devour them. Poet. Writer. Scholar. Feminist. Civil Rights Activist. Librarian. Black. Lesbian. Warrior. Her words on intersectionality are as fresh, true and needed today as they were when this essay was first published in 1983. May we continue to learn from our great queer elders, and never take their hard-fought battles and essential wisdom for granted. Happy weekend, all.


Helena said...

Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend Dorothy.

Carmen San Diego said...

Lesbians are so important
Have a great weekend DS