Friday, February 19, 2021

My Weekend Crush

Yeah, I’ll say it loud and say it proud, I like the new Batwoman. A lot. Javicia Leslie is, in my humble opinion, killing it as the new lady-loving-lady caped crusader. Dare I say that I *whispers in lesbian* like her more than Ruby Rose’s Batwoman? Yes, I dare say it. Plus, I’m always going to root for the scrappy street fighter over the billionaire playgirl cousin.

I think what I like best about this unexpected reboot of the series is how much more earned this Batwoman feels. I truly don’t have anything against Ruby Rose, and think she should be commended for blazing a trail as the first out actress to star in a show about the first queer female superhero to lead her own self-titled TV show. Ruby certainly looked the part. But her Batwoman relied on stoic heroism as a primary personality, which always makes for a dull superhero. (Yes, I know, that’s Superman/Supergirl’s whole thing, but they’re also earnest space aliens and kind of the O.G.s of the whole stoic heroism thing - so they get a pass).

But Javicia, she has personality to spare. It shows through the cowl, and it livens up the show considerably. She brings needed humor and humanity to the role, and a scrappiness which is honestly just fun to watch. I also have hope that this new Batwoman can be a better foil for an old villain. Through no fault of Rachel Skarsten (Tamsin 4Eva!), the sister-against-sister chemistry between her Alice and Ruby’s Kate never truly gelled. Now her Alice can get her bad on without the overbearing familial drama. The whole, “Can Kate kill her own sister?” plotline was, well, not my fav. So here’s to new, fun plotlines that better straddle the show’s semi-serious, semi-camp aesthetic.

I can’t wait for our new Batwoman to fully find her feet - and perhaps a lady friend or two. All I know right now is each time I see Javicia get her Bat on, I’ve liked her more and more. Fire up the Lesbian Bat Signal, we’ve got a show to watch.

p.s. Oh, and love the new wig. Love.


Carmen San Diego said...

The thing is that Kate is Batwoman for me, I liked Ruby. Plus she was so hot
I still want to know what happened for her to leave...

Panty Buns said...

I love Javica Leslie as Batwoman!
I also loved Racel Skarsten as Tamsin in 'Lost Girl'
I hope someday NetFlix will bring back 'Lost Girl',
(and a number of other shows with positive lesbian relationships),
and that we'll be able to watch the new 'Batwoman' on NetFlix too. :D