Friday, October 09, 2020

My Weekend Crush

Look, I’m not saying Kamala Harris was every woman, particularly every Black woman and woman of color, who has been talked over in a meeting by a mediocre white man. In fact, it was even worse because this was an exceptionally accomplished lawyer, former district attorney, former California Attorney General and current U.S. Senator being talked over incessantly to be condescendingly being lied to by a man who refuses to be in the room alone with a womman who isn't his wife. Do men ever get tired of hearing themselves speak? Well, I never tire of hearing Kamala speak – particularly when she speaks truth to power. And reclaiming her time from that barely sentient bottle of off-brand ranch dip was very, very much speaking absolute truth to unchecked power. More of that, always and forever.
Now, I could go on and on about how absolutely insane everything is right now. How our “president” is an unhinged racist, sexist, corrupt lunatic roid-raging out about arresting his political enemies and undermining our entire democratic process in front of the whole damn nation while simultaneously doing his best to spread a deadly virus to as many people as possible. Or how we should not, repeat should abso-fucking-lutely not trust the word of anyone in this administration on Trump’s health or – as we can all clearly see – his obvious lack thereof.

But instead I want to remind everyone that Straight Bette Porter is real, and she is going to make an extraordinary Vice President. Honestly, I feel like she is doing it on purpose at this point.

The one good thing that happened this week is our mail-in-ballots arrived. Our vote is truly the only thing that can redeem 2020. Well, that and more of the Harris family having absolutely no fucks to give when it comes to this monstrous excuse for a man in the White House and every last one of his pathetic toadies. Happy safe, healthy and righteous weekend, all.


Carmen San Diego said...

Nothing but respect for my senator

Osiris said...

Actually their speaking times were very close. Pence at 36 min 27 sec and Harris at 36 min 24 sec per CNN.