Monday, October 05, 2020

Music Monday: Alexis Edition

I have not evangelized about “Schitt’s Creek” here because some things I just enjoy for myself without the need for pontificate further. Also, despite the tsunami of recommendations and critical love, I never watched a single episode before this year. But, goodness, did I ever need it in 2020. We binged the whole thing over the summer. Along with “Great British Bake Off,” this extremely pleasant Canadian import was a true life-saver through the pandemic. Not only is the show exceedingly nice (Canada, duh), but its sweet in a way that makes us all want to be better people.

The foundation of this show is love. The love we have for our families, for our friends, and our communities. And it tells us that we can all, if only we try and are supported, grow as people. I’ve come to deeply adore every single member of the Rose family and the good people of Schitt’s Creek. The character of Alexis, played by the impeccable Annie Murphy, is some of the best character development I’ve seen on a comedy. I just can’t recommend this show highly enough. But everyone should come to it in their own time, and let this warm-hearted show find them when they need it most. And, until then, you could always be just a little bit Alexis.

p.s. Yes, of course I am livid about White House Patient Zero. And, fear not, it will be addressed. It certainly will.


Anonymous said...

I will not tire of love for SC but every post I see about it is me 3-4 years ago trying to talk to people and blank looks. All good tho ��

Shannon said...

It literally saved me this summer as well. I loved it so much. Watching them in interviews will extend your love, they are as lovable and charming as their characters. I have never rewatched a series of anything in my life...but just started watching season 1 again.