Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Doll Parts

One of the biggest questions of our time is, of course, what to watch on Netflix. So you’ve already torn through “Sex Education” (I mean, you did already, right?) and enjoyed the heck out of “Derry Girls” (we haven’t talked abut it, but quite the delight) and, of course, GBBO (soothe me, lovely British people cooking things). But what next? Dear God, what next.

Well, might I suggest “Russian Doll?” You’ve probably already heard it’s good – but goodness is it good. And – despite having a basic premise we’ve all seen before – the Netflix series still feels utterly original with an uncanny knack for the unexpected. Plus, like some of the best existentially inclined shows of this time like “The Good Place,” it emphasizes the importance of learning from and being kind to one another as key to surviving the hellscape of everyday existence.

But what I think I enjoyed the most about “Russian Doll” is how incredibly specific it feels both to New York and Natasha Lyonne’s inimitable talents. It’s also the perfect binge show because, trust me, you will not want to stop watching. In fact, you’ll feel compelled to keep watching. The inherent mystery of being trapped in a seemingly unending loop between life and death, and restarting after each inevitable demise in the exact same spot, is irresistible. Still, in both its darker and lighter moments, it feels entirely human. It’s existential “Groundhog Day” and it’s fucking fantastic.

It is in its own way a perfect show, and while it may seem strange to say this, I almost hope it’s only one season. Granted, I 100 percent want to see more from the creative combo of Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland. Oh, who am I kidding? I would watch infinite seasons of this show about the randomness of existence, inevitably of death and importance of self discovery spiked with generous jolts of humor and horror that keeps you guessing the whole damn time.

In short, you should watch “Russian Doll” next. You really should.

p.s. Did I mention there’s a cat? (And don’t worry, the cat is fine.)


AK ALASKA said...

I did enjoy this peek into New York living (die-ing). Especially enjoyed the lovely women, of course. Elizabeth Ashley is super, as usual. Still love her after all these years. Gold star for all involved!

Carmen SanDiego said...

Thank you for your reassurance about the well being of the cat
And watch One Day at a Time next. Let’s try to get a season 4

Anonymous said...

I agree! Russian Doll was exquisite. Thanks for spreading the word so eloquently.