Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I (Really) Like That

After a nice, relaxing extended weekend nothing feels better than listening to a nice, relaxing jam by Janelle Monae. While her new video has an appalling lack of Tessa Thompson (which, fine, I guess the lady needs a break from all the Bisexual Lighting and Pynk worship sometimes), it has seven the Janelles to make up for it. And, the lyrics about liking your inner and outer weirdo are wonderful.

Also wonderful? These clip of Janelle and Lupita Nyong’o dancing to “Make Me Feel.” I mean, they’re enough to make Tessa jealous, no?

Yep, I am 100 percent buying Janelle’s “Dirty Computer” when it comes out on Friday.


Anonymous said...

And you see she's going to tour?!!! AMAZING!!

Carmen SanDiego said...

I still want those Pynk vulva pants