Friday, December 04, 2015

My Weekend Crush

So May-December relationships are nothing new. We’re so used to them these days, especially when it comes to rich and famous men, we barely bat an eye. In fact, it’s almost more shocking when a male celebrity marries someone his own age. Like, does that even happen anymore? Rarely.

Here are just a few May-December examples:

Robert Duvall (84) & Luciana Pedraza (43): age gap 41 years
Patrick Stewart (75) & Sunny Ozell (36): age gap 39 years
Jeff Goldblum (63) & Emilie Livingston (32): age gap 31 years
Alec Baldwin (57) & Hilaria Baldwin (31): age gap 26 years
Steve Martin (70) & Anne Stringfield (44): age gap 26 years
Michael Douglas (71) & Catherine Zeta-Jones (46): age gap 25 years
Donald Trump (69) & Melania Trump (45): age gap 24 years
Harrison Ford (73) & Calista Flockhart (51): age gap 22 years
Yet, of course, when an older woman starts a relationship with a younger man she is a cougar. Look out for those cougars, boys. They’ll eat you alive, those cougars will. Case in point, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, even though their age difference was a mere 16 years.

The thing that annoys me most, besides the obvious sexism of the older men with younger women are studs and older women with younger men are cougars narrative, is the power imbalance. For most of these men, their wives are far less famous/wealthy/powerful than their female counterparts.

Anyway, my point, and I do have one is that when there isn’t such a blaring power imbalance, I have less of a problem with such relationships, regardless of the sex of either party. Which is a long way to go to simply say mazel tov, Sarah Paulson (40) and Holland Taylor (72). The heart wants what it wants. And if the hearts of two supremely talented and all-together awesome ladies want each other together, all the better. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. Their official portmanteau is Hollah, pass it on. And all credit for it goes to the amazing Heather Hogan, of course.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I guess we can say you are a Hollah-backing girl?
Happy weekend DS

Anonymous said...

Darlin' - not to steal your thunder, but the name #HOLLAH was come up with by me on the LChat months ago. We've been shipping them since last year. The press is late to the party!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be so proud to declare being a member of that dump.

LChat - Bitch Chat

Mostly full of bitchy lesbians hanging off the word of made up insiders

Anonymous said...

LChat is nuts but the credit should go to her. I peek in once in a while and they do get some things right. In fact the govt. should hire some of them for their insane sleuthing skills. You wanna dismantle ISIS? Hire some crazy lesbians from Lchat.