Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We Found Love in a Zombie Place

If there are two things I like it’s a zombies and lesbians. Wait, hold up, that probably sounded weird. I did not mean to imply that zombies and lesbians go together. Nor did I means meant to imply that zombies and lesbians are in any way, shape or form related. Or that one had a cause-and-effect relationship to the other, or vice versa. And, to further clarify, I only like my zombies on TV. I like my lesbians on TV and in real life. So, anyway, now that we have that cleared up, back to my original sentiment. For a lover of zombie apocalypse shows and lesbians in general like me, the two came together in an unexpected but very welcome way on “The Walking Dead” this week. (*Adopts Riversong Voice* Spoilers!)

Now we’ve known the character of Tara Chambers (played by actress and Camilla Belle look-alike Alanna Masterson) on “The Walking Dead” is gay since season 4. But, as is often the case on “The Walking Dead,” we only got to see her being gay for a very short time. Her girlfriend Alisha met a quick and unfortunate end because, you know, zombie apocalypse. But now, almost two seasons later, Tara’s dry spell seems to be over.

I’ll admit, I didn’t see it coming. Romance is sort of the last thing you expect when the dead are roaming the Earth. But, hot damn, if it isn’t great to see. To recap for those who don’t watch: The show follows a group of rough-and-tumble survivors led by Rick (a.k.a. the “To Me You Are Perfect” guy from “Love Actually”) during the zombie apocalypse. After a lot of drama, death and dismemberment they have found a seemingly idyllic safe-zone called Alexandria where the residents have largely been untouched by violence and reanimated corpses who now want to eat them. Tara is in Rick’s groups (it’s a long story) and was even in a short coma. She is now awake and has befriended the town’s resident psychiatrist-turned-reluctant trauma doctor, Denise (played by Merritt Wever formerly of “Nurse Jackie”).

In this week’s episode Tara’s encouragement of Denise came to a head, and the latter had a breakthrough in her new role as the resident life safer for the community. So then she thanked Tara – with her lips. Hey, no time like the present when you’re living in the apocalypse, amirite? Make your move now because zombies could easily eat you tomorrow. Here’s hoping for more of these two. And a long, bite-free life span for our new happy couple.


DonaMaria said...

Came here to "aaawwwh <3" about the whole Tara thing, but also because I needed to share this in a place where it could be fully understood: http://2bmanagement.com/luomo-vogue-kate-winslet/

thank you for your time, my fellow lesbos

Anonymous said...

firstly i looooove Merritt "i gotta go" Wever (best emmy speech of all time) so am absolutely delighted about this turn of events (and am bracing for a grisly depressing demise bc its TWD)

secondly to DonaMaria above: thankyouverymuchindeed for the early genderfuck celebration and of miss kate no less...divine!

Carmen SanDiego said...

I thought Denise as gay but I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised but also nervous. Like "oh please don't die, please don't die"