Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gaying and Selling

Since every store in America is already pushing the rampant consumerism of the holidays on us, why not use it to our advantage? (Aside: Hey, idiots, how can there be a war on Christmas when there are already Christmas decorations in basically all the stores in Oct-fucking-ober? Also if your belief system is so fragile it needs to be reinforced on the side of your disposable coffee cup, perhaps you need a better belief system.)

Right, anyway, sorry – went off the rails on a tangent there, didn’t I? My point, and I kind of have one, since we’re already being bombarded 24-7 with messages about what and when and where to buy things, here are a few I’ve seen of late that I have actually rather enjoyed. Each time I see an advertisement not only embrace but celebrate LGBT people I can’t help but smile. Yes, we’re being used to help sell things. But, not that long ago, the thought of using any openly LGBT imagery to try to sell anything was practically unheard of. Heck, the first ad with a same-sex couple didn’t air until 1994. (Thanks, IKEA. I almost forgive you for making me try to figure out those wordless furniture instructions.)

Our friends at IKEA have indeed kept up the good work, as evidenced by their above commercial. Granted, takeout dinner may not be everyone’s idea of a romantic anniversary dinner, but damn if I don’t fully covet the organization level of their sauce packet drawer.

I also got a kick out of this Campbell’s soup ad, which I saw in real-time on TV and delighted me to no end. Nerdy Star Wars-ism, wholesome soup and gay dads? Mmm-mmm good, indeed.

And, finally, this commercial has been floating around for a while. But it still gets me right in the FEELS each time. Shut up, I’m only human.

Bonus points as well for giving one of the moms a super, duper lesbian haircut. Points for accuracy, at the very least.


Helena said...

The last one really melts my heart.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Aw man, that Wells Fargo commercial made me teary eyed all over again

aud said...

The wife and I are convinced that the girl on the right in the Ikea commercial is either Brandi Carlile or her twin.

Jamie Morton said...

I saw that Wells Fargo commercial for the first time at work (I work at a gym) and fully started crying in the middle of training a client. It still makes me teary eyed, every time.