Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Two women walk into a revolution

One of the side effects of taking some time off work is coming back and being absolutely floored. Apologies for today’s lack of post in the morning. I’m just so terribly behind, and I’ve just begun. Life, yo.

Anyway, today please enjoy this amazing photo of Toni Morrison and Angela Davis deep in conversation. Oh, to be a fly on that sidewalk. I mean, the hair alone makes it epic. But add what is underneath and, well, legendary.


FASTTCR said...

Thank you for this little nugget of greatness.

egghead said...

The body language alone . . . well. Great find. I love it.

tam said...

LOVE Angela Davis. I was once - many moons ago - at a lesbian picnic(part of Pride Week in the Bay area) where she was seated at the next rug :) with her girlfriend, another Black woman.

And probably a decade before that I watched her giving a fiery speech in London, UK.

Exciting times.

Panty Buns said...

An amazing photo. Angela Davis is brilliant, courageous and saying she's articulate is a huge understatement. Her lectures about the prison industrial complex are well worth listening to. The landmark Supreme Court decision she was victorious in securing the right to be represented by counsel and to be co-counsel is one of the relatively few decisions where the Ninth Amendment prohibition against using an enumerated right to disparage others was respected.

RedReeder said...

Ok that pic is PURE AWESOME. Thanks for that!