Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shaken, still stirred

For whatever reason – craziness of a shortened holiday week, fighting off a cold, late February doldrums, alignment of the moon – it has been a very trying week. So yesterday, I put Florence on repeat and shook it out for about 15 minutes. I found it quite cathartic. If you are having a similar kind of week, feel free to boost my self-help remedy. If not, save it for a rainy day.


maddyzero said...

Florence therapy is the greatest kind!

I hope you're feeling better and that the rest of your week is looking up.

Remember, Miss Snarker: you are loved.

Anonymous said...

I fucking love Florence and this song. When it popped up on my shuffle yesterday it made me feel so much better about life too.

egghead said...

I have had that kind of week too!

People pulling up on me and breathing down on me daring me to say something.

Shake it out yeah.