Monday, February 11, 2013

Ellen DeGrammyres

So, I’ve stopped watching the Grammys with anything more than the most passing interest for wardrobe malfunctions and lip-synch fails years ago. But yesterday after tuning in briefly and then turning to my good friend The Internet, to see what it thought, I was pleased to see that apparently Ellen DeGeneres won the Grammys. I mean what else can you deduce from these photos but that The Great Panted One and Portia had a ball and looked great doing it. Lesbians, we are in your music awards having all the funs.

Ellen & Beyoncé
This photo makes me wish they were in a Laverne & Shirley style sitcom where they shameel shemozzled schlemiel and schlemazeled down the street together.

Ellen & Adele
Adele wants to see that sitcom, too.

Ellen & Lena Dunham
I like how they’re both trying to pretend skeezy Willy Wonka isn’t standing creepily behind them.

Ellen & Nicole Kidman
Nicole clearly wants to kiss Ellen, but this is the most her face muscles can muster.

Ellen, Portia & Ryan Seacrest
I think Randy’s face says it all.

Ellen, Portia & Katy Perry
Best photo sequence of the Grammys, possibly ever.

Ellen, Portia & Kelly Clarkson
And then best photobomb of the Grammys, possibly every.


Anonymous said...

Too not to.

Fabulous post otherwise, that just really gets to me so it had to be said :)

Rachelle said...

Loool loool
"Nicole clearly wants to kiss Ellen, but this is the most her face muscles can muster." - LOOL
Oh my god that sequence IS HILARIOUS! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Why does Porta always look wasted??

Kristan Hoffman said...

OMG the Katy Perry sequence and Kelly Clarkson photobomb are the best!!!

Jessica said...

Kelly Clarkson's photobomb is my new favorite thing.

Anonymous said...

If you care... the words (Yiddish) are schlemiel and schlemazel.

And yes, I'm that old.

Hanna said...

thanks for making me love so hard that I have now peppermint tea in my nose!

Panty Buns said...

I agree that the sequence of photos of Portia cracking up while Ellen stares at Katy Perry's cleavage and Katy lapping it up it has to be the best photo sequence - they are fantastic! I love the other photos too. I think this is the best blog post on the Grammys!

Anonymous said...

Kelly Clarkson just needs to come out already. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

De Generes is unfunny, a mystery

Anonymous said...

If you look closely, Kelly Clarkson is in the first photo too