Friday, October 12, 2012

My Weekend Crush

So last weekend I went to see my previously confessed guilty pleasure and it turned out to be a total pleasure with only the smallest twinge of guilt. The guilt had nothing to do with “Pitch Perfect,” which turned out to be loads of fun and elicited more than a few snorts of laugher. No, instead the guilt was that it took me this long to fall hopelessly in love with Rebel Wilson. Some might remember the Australian comedian as the horrifying roommate from “Bridesmaids.” But in “Pitch Perfect” she sets herself up as a true scene stealer. She projects a mix of bravado and sweetness with a sense of humor that manages to be both understated and hyperbolic. All in all she catches you off guard with her charm and her hilarity.

And in a series of talk show appearances to promote the film, she has only proved more charming and more hilarious. Like when she told Leno that during her audition for “Pitch Perfect” the producers must have thought, “Well, she kind of looks like Adele, but can she sing?” Or when she told Kimmel that, having come from a family of professional dog showers, she thought “Best in Show” was “such a good documentary.” Or when she told Conan that using the proper term for a female dog got her in trouble her first day of kindergarten. I now want to watch everything she’s ever been in and all the things she is going to be in. Also, did you know girlfriend can straight-up rap? Word. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Loving the Aussie touch you've shown this week Snarker :) Don't know if they're on YouTube (anyone, anyone?) but well worth tracking down are Rebel's appearances on improv show "Thank God You're Here". She's a quick-witted hilarious delight and it's great to see her garnering some big exposure!

Anonymous said...

Yep, many Thank God You're Here Rebel clips on YouTube (I love when I'm too impatient to Google before I post)... this'll start my weekend off well :)

Kristan Hoffman said...

Yup, me and two friends went to see Pitch Perfect when it came out, and we all agreed Rebel Wilson is what made the film.

(Though the mashups were pretty great too!)

Rachael said...

My sister texted saying she saw the trailer and wanted to see it. I got excited because I've wanted to see it as well. I reply, "I'm fat Amy!"

"No way! You're doing awesome and should be proud of your weight loss!"

"I mean, we're both funny... I'm her cuz I'm funny, not cuz I'm fat."

Tears everywhere! I'm funny! I AM FUNNY!

Anyway. I love your blog! You're awesome sauce, Ms Dorothy.

sadie0777 said...

She's Hilarious in What to Expect When Your Expecting as well!!!!

Anonymous said...

YES!! Now here's an Aussie I can get behind! Love Rebel! She cracks me the fuck up :D