Monday, October 29, 2012

Kiss the future

If you’re gay or a lady or a human with a functioning sense of empathy, election season can really start to get you down. Our bodies, our loves, our lives get thrown round like a political football. We’re used as a wedge. We’re used as a divider. We’re used as a scare tactic. It can all get rather disheartening. I just want to live my life and be a decent person and watch too much TV, like everybody else. But, the good news is, no matter what happens this election, we’ll all wake up Nov. 7 and do just that. Sure, it may or may not be easier and fairer for us that next morning. But we’ll still be who we are and love and laugh and eat a Reese’s for breakfast because those free-loading kids shouldn’t get all the Halloween candy, right? And, whenever another idiot talking about what rape is or how our relationships are abominations or why corporations really are people, remember there are also lovely people – all over the world – who think the exact opposite. And those people will stand up with us against the tide of injustice with their voices and vote and, like our French friends above are doing in front of an anti-gay rally, their lips.

p.s. If you are still down, give my lovely friend Up Popped a Fox and her lovely post a read. Hope and perspective bring forth better days.


althena said...

This is amazing! cant be hidden.
Thanks Snarks, this made my day/week

Carmen SanDiego said...

And they're not even lesbians, just straight allies that were going by

Anonymous said...

Snarks, I don't believe it! We've synched!!!

I too published a piece on 'Le baiser de Marseille' today! (Over on the dreaded L Chat I'm afraid. I had my secretary put it in the 'This happened today in France' thread. Yes, yes, banned again...)

Anyway, I went for a slightly different angle than you. (And speaking of angles, there are some lovely annotated diagrams in mine! :) )


PS I hear the Sandy situation may have abated? Thank God!

Anonymous said...

"Reese’s for breakfast"

Good God! And here I thought your 2 am pizza (gads!) habit was bad!

Frankly darling I'm more than a little worried. So much so that I have just this minute ordered a Fortnam's hamper for you!


Anonymous said...

One last thing.

Darling, would you be so kind as to put a good word in for me at the embassy if they try and ban me from that that lovely Parisian lesbian watering hole (you know which one!) again???



Vikki said...

Thanks for the link love and pass the Reese's.O

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is my town and not a gay friendly at all...
Not fake,i hope,but totally undeserved post, search and find..