Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've gotta Glee

OK, I admit it. I miss “Glee.” It has been gone for so long now. It’s been three whole months and there are still more than three weeks until it’s back. Sure, there were fun “Glee” diversions this summer. Dianna Agron wore that T-shirt that made the world (i.e. every single tumblesbian) explode. Naya Rivera and Heather Morris shared an on-stage kiss. The “Glee” movie bombed – despite the glory that was Heather and Naya gyrating in 3D. And we learned that basically the entire cast was definitely leaving after this season, or definitely not leaving, or getting a spin-off, or never getting a spin-off. In other words, same Ryan Murphy, different shit.

Since they released the first new promo for Season 3,I’ve felt the pang. I miss those adorable Glee kids, I really do. I have no idea what this season will bring. If the addition of the show’s first real writing staff (including two real, live women – one a lesbian even) will make a difference for the better. We can only hope that it does. But regardless, what I miss are the actors and their characters themselves. What is indisputably the hardest-working cast in Hollywood (they sing, they dance, they act, they go on tour) is what makes the show for me. And, of course, The Gay. Man, I miss The Gay. Give us Brittana and Faberry, Season 3, or give us a death by slushie. Though, even if they don’t, there are always the shipper vids. We love you, shipper vids.

p.s. Murder is bad. But Google sure is helpful.


Norma Desmond said...

I gotta admit, I was absolutely ready to stop watching Glee... I mean, the writing. Oh god, the writing. But now they've got me all curious to see how they use the kids from "The Glee Project." In other words, I've been suckered, and I will be tuning in... in spite of my better judgment.

Also, those crazy kids who make those videos are CRAZY talented.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I love Gglee and I hate it. And I miss it.

Solo said...

there is no age.. no sexual color...pure love for music...thats why i love Glee !

btw the first video is just so ....sweet haha :))

chesmd said...

Oh man, pleasantly surprised (and extremely flattered) to read today's blog entry and seeing that you found my Brittana google search story amusing. You're blog is a great source of entertainment and insight for me so now that I'm a teensy part of it, that makes me happy. :)