Monday, April 20, 2009

What dreams may come

[Warning: Extremely awesome “30 Rock” spoilers ahead.]

This will be a good week. This will be an excellent week. This may be the most excellent week in the history of weeks. This is the week that Salma Hayek kisses Tina Fey. Oh, yeah, you read that right. Salma. Tina. Lips. Touching. That loud splat you just heard was my head exploding. And guess what, you don't even have to wait. You can watch it now. Right now. In the immortal words of Salt-N-Pepa, “Push it, push it real good!” It, of course, being the play button.

Seriously, sometimes I think Tina must read my blog. Or, possibly, she is inside my head. How else could she make all of my naughty, naughty dreams come true. What? That clip was too fast for you? How about a recap?

And, scene:
Dear Thursday: Hurry the hell up. Love, Ms. Snarker


Norma Desmond said...

In YOUR head? I think she might be in both of our heads...

.-.-.- said...

Salma Hayek could kiss a trunk and still make it hot. She's *that* good.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

The wit was flying so fast last week on 30 Rock that I laughed harder the second time I watched it (Were they lesbians? No, fight club...).
Can't wait for this week's ep!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Word. I'm actually glad I read this spoiler, because otherwise my brain would have imploded when the-moment-we-have-been-dreaming-of happens.

Ashlee Blackwell said...

um... stoked!!!

TheWeyrd1 said...

Shoot after seeing the promo what more do I need to see??? heh...

Anonymous said...

tina has a husband..(0..O)
what's that for?

anyway ds,
how was your weekend?
i'm good, have a fun day.

seee ya!