Thursday, April 27, 2006

Not so cutie patootie

Well, this is just wrong. I mean, I know Rosie is family and all, but she is not a good fit to co-host "The View." From Meredith Vieira to Rosie O'Donnell. That shit ain't right.

Not that I have anything against Ms. O'Donnell. And yeah for more lesbian visibility on TV, and all that good stuff. But it is just that the show was barely salvaged by the presence of Vieira and Joy Behar in the first place. Without Vieira to throw in a calming voice of reason, it'll just be Joy and Rosie sparring non-stop with Star and the blonde dingdong.

According to "Extra," the official announcement will be made tomorrow.

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Bainshee said...

I suppose it's a good thing. Lesbians could use more visibility among the 60+ year old women who watch The View. Heh. Okay, that was kind of mean of me.

Though, I find Rosie is the kind of celebrity you either love or hate. Maybe that will change with her role there. But, well... it's The View. :-/

Need more out lesbians in Primetime though.